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Buckeye Wellness Family Wellness Expo

The Buckeye Wellness Family Wellness Expo on August 11 brings families together to kick off the school year with fun, interactive health and wellness activities!  More +

CHAMP: Treatment for Myopia Progression

Nearsighted children ages 3 to less than or equal to 10 are needed for a four-year study to determine if a daily eye drop slows the progression of nearsightedness (myopia). More +

Volunteer for the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival

Be a part of the art and volunteer at the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival! Join us at the festival this year and help us celebrate more than 50 years of creativity in UA!  More +

Golden Bear Bash! 2018 Sponsor Information

The Upper Arlington Education Foundation's Golden Bear Bash! will be held on September 2, 2018.  Sponsorships are available now.  Save the date! More +

Additional Resources and Programs

Flyer Guidelines

The Upper Arlington City School District recognizes the value in notifying families and students about unique educational, intellectual, physical, and social opportunities that happen within our community. While, nothing requires a school district to allow businesses or organizations access to send material home with students, the Upper Arlington City School District has created a "Virtual Backpack Flyer Connection" on its website to offer this service. This service is not a public forum, and the Board/designee reserves the right to refuse to include a flyer if it is not in the best interests of the school community or otherwise does not meet the Board’s requirements.
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