Tremont Tribune - October 13, 2017
Posted 10/13/2017 06:00PM

News From Tremont

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Important Updates (New Info)

Packing for the Streets: Service Learning is a hallmark of the Upper Arlington City Schools, and Tremont has a rich history of leading the way. Packing for the Streets is the centerpiece of our efforts as we educate our students about the needs of those in our central Ohio community, and provide them the opportunity to serve others. It is our hope that we are creating a community of empathetic children who see that they can make a big difference for others. We will have our 1st packing session on Wednesday October 18, 2017. Please help us fill this need in our community by sending donations with your child by Tuesday, October 17th. Labeled plastic bins are located in the hallway and well marked.

After our recent inventory, our current needs are:
K/1: individually packaged fruit cups or fruit snacks Grade 2: juice boxes
3: juice boxes
4: bottled water
5: bottled water

All students: plastic grocery bags (bags will be doubled to ensure food stays intact during transportation).
you in advance for supporting this school-wide partnership!

Third Grade Parents: The Ohio’s State Third Grade English Language Arts Test is scheduled for Tuesday, October 24t h and 25th. Students will take part 1 on the 24t h and part 2 on the 25t h ; each part allows the student to take up 90 minutes to complete them. Third graders in Upper Arlington will take their test on their iPad Pro. Currently, the Ohio Secure Browser is compatible with iOS10.x and lower, which is the operating system for the iPads. Currently, iOS11 is not compatible with the secure browser, which was released by Apple in late September. The district is aware that some families have updated to the most current iOS version and that is fine, as iPads cannot go back an iOS version. The district is asking families that have not updated to iOS11 to please hold off until the state sends out a communication to districts regarding this compatibility issue. The district does believe that AIR and Apple will secure the testing environment and iOS11 will be compatible before the administration date. The district will send out a communication to third grade families once they receive the communication from the state.

Brrrrrr.... The forecast is calling for lower temperatures next week. Please be sure to send a jacket or coat with your kids as we will have outdoor recess unless there is rain, or if the temperature is below 20 degrees (with windchill). Can’t find your child’s jacket--check out lost and found! 

Fall Concert: From Mr. Benedetti: I’m excited to be officially announcing our upcoming centennial celebration. This is a joint effort between Tremont, Windermere, Wickliffe, and Greensview that will take place on November 3rd in the Upper Arlington high school auditorium. Tremont’s full choir and guitar club will be participating, as well as several smaller acts. All 3rd grade students will contribute with a mixed-media presentations about the history of our city. Tickets will not be sold, but we will be collecting donations to help fund Thanksgiving baskets for families in need.

I also wanted to make a note about the selection process for small ensembles. Like our end-of-the-year celebration, this performance will feature some small groups singing songs with our faculty band. Because of the short time frame and limited number of spots, I hand-selected these groups based on previous experience. If your student has expressed interest in this type of performance, (solo or small-group), please have them talk to me. This year I intend to provide as many opportunities for this kind of performance as we have students interested. I really am looking forward to this collaboration and hope you are able to attend. 

Important Reminders (from previous newsletters -- but still important!)

Updated Calendar: The calendar at the end of the newsletter has been expanded to give you a better idea of events occurring over the next few months.

Cough Drops: The district will no longer provide cough drops to students at the elementary level. There are several reasons behind this decision including the risk of choking in younger students, students who don't really need them but are frequent visitors to the clinic, and the short lived efficacy of the medicine itself. We will encourage students to drink plenty of water either at the drinking fountain or from personal water bottles to relieve sore throat pain, and will continue to offer warm salt water gargles in the clinic. Parents can provide cough drops for their own children by filling out the following form and submitting it, along with the cough drops, to the nurse’s office. 

Gallup Poll for 5th grade students - October 20th
Research indicates that students who feel engaged in and hopeful about their school experience perform better academically and have a more positive outlook on the future. For this reason, our district has chosen to participate in the Gallup Student Poll. This Poll is a brief collection of the students thoughts, and feelings about school. We use this anonymous information to guide our practice around making sure that, as educators, we are connecting with all students. There is nothing for you to do unless you want to opt your child out of the brief survey that will take place in the 5th grade classroom.

Tremont Parent Guidebook:  Please take a moment to look over the parent guidebook on the Tremont website.  It contains answers to many frequently asked questions, and also provides phone numbers for school personnel. Parent Guidebook

Lost and Found:  The lost and found is overflowing with jackets and other student possessions.  Please take a look when you are in the building.

Access STAR Reports:  Parents can access their children’s STAR reports via the Parent STAR access website.  If you had an account last year it is still active.  If you need an account the process can be found at Parent Access Guide.  Reference documents and other information related to STAR can be found here: Parent Guide to STAR.

Attendance: If you need to change your child's daily schedule (pick up for an appointment, change of lunch plans, etc.) or after school arrangements, please e-mail the attendance e-mail or call 614-487-5170 ext 6060.  This will help us relay the message to the appropriate teacher before the change needs to occur.  Refrain from e-mailing the teacher, as teachers are not able to check e-mail every hour (or could be absent for the day), and therefore would not receive the message in time to let your child know.

Transportation:  (Before and After School)  If your child rides the UA transportation buses and you are making changes to your child’s after school care, please notify transportation of the changes.

Get your formal Volunteer Badge!  Visit:
The entire process only takes a few minutes, and the district covers the expense for you. Once your form is processed, Central Office will contact you by the email you submitted, and ask you to come to CO at 1950 N. Mallway Dr. to get your Photo taken.

Nutritional Services:  Families can now access the district’s new, easy-to-access digital lunch menu system! You can find a link to menus for the start of the school year on our website at as well as directions on how to access these menus through an app for your phone or tablet. You’ll also find information about how to print the menus and how to learn more about nutritional content and allergens for menu items.

Food and Allergies:  In accordance with our district allergy policy, we are not allowing students to bring food to school to celebrate their birthdays.  Students can donate a game, or bring non-food items to pass out in class.  Thank you for observing our request as the safety of all students is our priority.

Mark Your Calendars: 2017-2018 Tremont Activities Calendar

For an updated Tremont calendar, please visit