Tremont Tribune - December 8, 2017
Posted 12/08/2017 06:00PM

News From Tremont

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Important Updates (New Info)

If you weren’t able to attend the kickoff meeting for the Master Plan Design Phase, please visit You can learn more about the timeline leading up to construction at the high school and elementary schools as well as sign up to be part of a Building Design Team or the Districtwide Green Team.

Thank You!  Thank you to all volunteers who pitched in to make our new playground a reality.  Thanks, as well, to the TSA and all of our parents who raised the funds to make this a reality.  See page 4 for a message from our staff!

Counselor’s Corner:

It is hard to believe we are already in December! This month we will focus on Kindness. The book “The Jelly Donut Difference,” will be featured in the classrooms. Students will complete a sheet how they will show kindness and will also write a “sprinkle” of kindness on the giant donut in the lobby.

My intern and I have wrapped up 4 second grade friendship groups, third and fifth grade girls group,  and a worry warrior group. We will be starting a second grade group and a fourth grade sports leadership group. We are fortunate to have high school students volunteer with our fourth graders while playing games.

Our ELL teacher, Cynthia Redman, and I have an after-school program on Mondays, where students have the opportunity to play games with each other.  English speaking students interested in participating can contact Cynthia, or me. The more the merrier!

Lunch Buddies will be Thursday, December 14th.

Jean Allocco and Molly McClenathan

Important Reminders (from previous newsletters--but still important!)

WINTER WEATHER and RECESS - As the weather begins to grow colder, the question of whether we go outside for recess or stay indoors is on the minds of many, including parents.  The number 20, as in degrees, is a good starting point when we consider staying in or going out. Below 20 degrees (with windchill) and it is more likely we will stay inside. Above 20 …outside.

But other variables come into play. For example, it’s 18 degrees but there is no wind chill, the sun is bright, and kids haven’t been outside yet this week! Or, it’s 26 degrees, the field is a mess and the blacktop would make a good practice space for the Blue Jackets. In these examples, the 20-degree rule may not apply.

So, as parents, it is better to be safe than sorry! Hats, gloves, mittens, and boots should be the norm. Thank you for preparing your children for all conditions.

PARENT LOGIN FOR NEW ONLINE PROGRESS REPORTS - Progress reports were released November 21 and are available to view on-line.  You should have received your login letter via the US Mail.  That letter has the procedure for creating your parent  login.  You must complete this process to see your child’s progress report.   Your child has a password for their login.  The child’s password should be their six digit student ID that they use to login to their device and/or to purchase a school lunch.  The student access password is different than your parent password.  Should you have questions please utilize:

Staff Book Study:  The Tremont staff is reading Building Moral Intelligence by Michelle Borba as part of our ongoing professional development.  Beginning with empathy, this book provides adults who work with or raise children through lessons on how to instill seven critical virtues in children.  Third grade teacher Erin Masters shares an introduction to the book:  Building Moral Intelligence

Volunteer background checks and badges are good for three years. After the three-year period, volunteers need to repeat the background check process and get new badges. If you provided your email address to our district office when you received your original volunteer badge, you will receive an email reminder one month before your background check expires. If you have any questions about the renewal process or when your background check expires, please call (614) 487-5000 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

The contents of the Lost and Found will be donated to charity before our winter break.  It is overflowing with coats!  Please stop in to see if you have items to claim.

The contents of the Lost and Found will be donated to charity before our winter break.  It is overflowing with coats!  Please stop in to see if you have items to claim.

Police Assistance with Traffic:  The Upper Arlington Police will be increasing their presence during drop off and pick up times to address two important safety concerns:

  1. Cars speeding in our school zones.

  2. Cars turning right on red from Farleigh onto Tremont.  There is signage indicating “No Turn On Red” from Farleigh to Tremont from the hours of 7:30AM to 4:30PM.  

Great Resource:    Looking for nuts and bolts information about Tremont?  Phone numbers? Attendance policies?  Parent Guidebook

Tremont Artwork is on display at Central Office now through the month of December.  54 individual students have work displayed as well as Mrs. Salvatore's class' International Dot Day Mobile and the entire fifth grade's Rainbow of Diversity Mural.  Everyone there is so appreciative of the student's vibrant work on display!

AM Drop Off:  Please remember that there is no supervision for students before 8:00AM.  Students should report to the gymnasium upon their arrival.  

Access STAR Reports:  Parents can access their children’s STAR reports via the Parent STAR access website.  If you had an account last year it is still active.  If you need an account the process can be found at Parent Access Guide.  Reference documents and other information related to STAR can be found here: Parent Guide to STAR.

Get your formal Volunteer Badge!  Visit:  The entire process only takes a few minutes, and the district covers the expense for you. Once your form is processed, Central Office will contact you by the email you submitted, and ask you to come to CO at 1950 N. Mallway Dr. to get your Photo taken.

Nutritional Services: Families can now access the district’s new, easy-to-access digital lunch menu system! You can find a link to menus for the start of the school year on our website at as well as directions on how to access these menus through an app for your phone or tablet. You’ll also find information about how to print the menus and how to learn more about nutritional content and allergens for menu items.

Food and Allergies:  In accordance with our district allergy policy, we are not allowing students to bring food to school to celebrate their birthdays.  Students can donate a game, or bring non-food items to pass out in class.  Thank you for observing our request as the safety of all students is our priority.

Mark Your Calendars: 2017-2018 Tremont Activities Calendar

For an updated Tremont calendar, please visit