Tremont Tribune - August 18, 2017
Posted 08/21/2017 08:44AM

A Note from Mr. Buffer

Dear Tremont Families,

Our first three days of school could not have been better.  We ended the week with a Town Hall meeting where we discussed the solar eclipse, being safe and kind, and “The Tremont Way” - how we conduct ourselves in all areas of school life.  

Solar Eclipse:  We will spend considerable time Monday practicing safe viewing procedures for the eclipse.  Please notify your child’s teacher if you want to opt your child out of the outdoor viewing.  Students who opt out will watch a live stream of the event in our cafeteria.  We also want to remind you that the solar eclipse will still be going on after dismissal time. We encourage you to consider appropriate supervision for your child once released from school.

Traffic Safety: Thank you for reviewing the morning drop off procedures.

Arrival to School:  Please note that we are unable to provide student supervision prior to 8:00AM.  Please do not have your child enter the building prior to this time.  After 8:00AM students are to report to the gymnasium where they will sit with their grade level classmates until they are dismissed to class.

Mr. Hurley and I appreciate the parent input we receive.  Please call, email, or drop by if you ever have a question or a concern.  E-mail is best for a quick yes or no, or a piece of information.  If the topic is more detailed please call or schedule a time to meet so we can communicate positively and efficiently.  Many Thanks!

Tidbits from Tremont

Parent Information Night:   Wednesday, August 23rd

Session 1: 6:00 – 6:45

Session 2: 7:00 – 7:45

***Parents of 4th and 5th grade students working with Mrs. Irskens are invited to attend a session in room 204 at 6:00 -or- 7:00***

Parent Information Night is an opportunity to get more detailed info about the instructional program in your child’s classroom. Due to limited space and listening to teachers discuss curriculum and procedures, this night is for adults only, please.

Mark Your Calendars!




Parent Information Night


International Parent Meeting 8:30 A.M.  - 10:00 A.M.




No School - Labor Day

Counselor's Corner

Welcome everyone to Tremont. My name is Jean Allocco. This is my 9th year as the Counselor at Tremont. I have many roles in the building, covering topics based on students’ social/emotional, career and academic needs. I collaborate with teachers and staff and work with parents. I have the fortunate opportunity to teach in every classroom each month. The lessons throughout the year may include: kindness/caring, empathy, use of technology ( is a great resource for parents), career information, mindfulness, transitions, diversity, friendships and problem solving. I also offer groups during the year: family changes, friendships, sportsmanship, food allergies, anxiety/worry. Other groups may be offered through the year based on need. Students can also come to my office anytime during the day to visit. I love visiting with them!

The beginning of the year is exciting and worrisome. At the end of the 2016-2017 year, I spoke with the students how they (and adults) can have a range of emotions during times of change and those feelings are normal. To help with the transition of school, listed strategies to help our students. For example, setting a routine for bedtime and mornings. I know we can have busy family schedules and our plans don’t always work but if students can get their rest and a healthy breakfast, we can set up our students for Success.

This year, I am fortunate to have a Counselor Intern, Molly McClenathan, from the University of Dayton. You may receive communication from her during the school year.

Lunch Buddies is a group that has existed for over 20 years. Our Third, Fourth, and Fifth graders have the opportunity to eat with grandparents and other Seniors at the Senior Center the second Thursday of every month. If your family has a grandparent, they are welcome to join us each month for lunch. A notice will be going home beginning of September. Each month I will send home communication through Mr. Buffer’s newsletters of events happening through my office.

I wish all of our families a fun and happy school year!

Jean Allocco, School Counselor