Tremont Tribune - September 1, 2017
Posted 09/01/2017 06:00PM

A Note From Mr. Buffer

Dear Tremont Families,

We now have two full weeks of school under our belt.  I could not be happier with our start.  It is our hope that your children are coming home happy and looking forward to coming to school each day.  

This week we had the first monthly meeting of our “Family Groups”.  Each group (or “pride”) is comprised of 2 staff members, and students from grades 1-5.   We want our kids to understand a school is like a family and although we are a big school, we all fit together and need to be able to work together.  We are very excited about this community building project!

We are approaching “Independence Day”.  No, not the 4th of July, but the day when we set the targeted goal of students walking to their morning classes independently.  Understandably, walking the halls to class in the morning can initially be difficult, especially for our younger students.  For that reason, we allow parents to walk their children to class the first weeks of school.  Our goal is for children to independently transition to class in the mornings and to successfully perform their morning routine--walk to class, hang up coats, get supplies ready, etc.  Our targeted date for this year is next Friday, September 8.  If you are currently walking your child to class in the morning, please use the next week to transition your child to an independent walk to the classroom.  We have plenty of staff in the hallway in the mornings to guide them to class.    

The second benefit of this goal is that we are able to monitor the hallways for the safety of students and staff.  During the school day we require all visitors to sign in through the office and wear visitors badges.  Having students walk independently to class allows us to identify any adult who should not be in the building.  As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any individual concerns.

Mr. Hurley and I appreciate the parent input we receive.  Please call, email, or drop by if you ever have a question or a concern.  E-mail is best for a quick yes or no, or a piece of information.  If the topic is more detailed please call or schedule a time to meet so we can communicate positively and efficiently.  Many Thanks!

Tidbits from Tremont

Volunteer:   All parent volunteers are required to register at central office as part of a screening process.  We appreciate all of our volunteers and thank you in advance!

Mark Your Calendars!  




No School - Labor Day


TSA General Meeting - 6:30PM


Early Dismissal--school out at 1:00PM; KG AM 8:10-10:05; KG PM 11:05-1:00PM


Tremont Dine and Donate--City BBQ

Counselor Corner

We are off to a great start. At our first Town Meeting, we discussed “Is it Safe, Is it Kind” signs posted out on the playground. That conversation will continue during the month of September classroom lessons. My intern, Miss M, and myself will be teaching. Students will define what safe and kind mean and give examples how we can be safe and kind while playing. We will also read “Stick and Stone” and “What Does it Mean to be Kind”. Lunch buddies will start for the Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students on September 14th . We started New Student Lunches this past week. We love getting to know our new students and helping them adjust to a new school. Other groups will be getting started too.

Have a great month.

Jean Allocco, School Counselor

Molly McClenathan

Tremont Lion on a bike