Windermere Weekly Update 9/1/17
Posted 09/13/2017 02:08PM
Windermere Weekly Parent Update 9.1.17

Windermere Parent Update:


Today was an AWESOME day!  A special thank you to Mrs. O'Keefe, Mrs. Palmer and Mr. Moore for organizing Windermere Way Day and to the many, many parents who volunteered.  The purpose of this day is teach our students what the Windermere Way looks like, sounds like and feels like!  In addition, we believe in our sense of community within each classroom at Windermere.  Our day was spent working together as a "classroom team" to collaborate, problem solve, have fun and enjoy our classroom family.  Each classroom spends a large part of a day together.  It's important we know each other and work to create a welcoming and collaborative environment.  Make sure you ask your child(ren) about their day today.


Thank you, too, for taking the time to attend Parent Information Night on Wednesday evening.  Our proactive communication is important in having a successful year.  I hope you learned a lot!


Have a great long weekend!  I hope to see many of you at the Golden Bear Bash Sunday evening.  


With hopes that your child can communicate what respectful, responsible and ready to learn feels like to him/her,






Sunday, September 3 

  • Golden Bear Bash at Tremont Center:  It's not too late to buy a ticket 


Monday, September 4


  • Labor Day: No School for Staff or Students



Wednesday, September 6


  • Walking Wednesday





Thank you: To the Moyer, Trowbridge and Rex families for graciously donating their time this past weekend and week to spruce up our entrance at Windermere. The aforementioned families came to school and weeded, planted and made our entrance look amazing. Thank you so much! What a gift to our school.


Looking for Library Volunteers!  Please email our library clerk Mrs. Hartmus if you would be willing to help out in the library! We circulated over 18,000 books last year and would love help getting them back on shelves each day.  Do you know your ABC's?  You qualify for this coveted volunteer position!  We'd love to have some consistent help each week.  If you are interested, please email today!  The library is the most wonderful place in school to hang out!  Just ask your child!


From the nurse’s office: Welcome to the new school year!  Our nurses are available to administer first aid treatment and other medical procedures.  We will evaluate symptoms of illness or injury of students and recommend appropriate treatment.  The nurse’s clinic is staffed every school day.  The nurse will notify appropriate teachers and staff of student health problems that may be of concern in the classroom.


The Ohio Department of Health requires vision and hearing screenings for children in kindergarten, first, third and fifth grade and all new students each year.  These screenings will be done this fall. Screenings can also be performed at various other times during the time at parent or teacher request.


Students who have difficulty with the initial screening are re-screened.  If there still appears to be a difficulty, parents are notified and follow-up by a health care provider is suggested.


All incoming kindergartners and all students new to the school are required to have their immunizations completed and a record of dates submitted to the nurse’s office, as well as a physical exam.  If you have any questions regarding the immunizations required to enter kindergarten, they can be found here:


If your child has a special health concern of which we are not already aware, such as a food allergy, asthma, etc., please let us know so we can best serve their needs during the school year.  


Many questions arise regarding the administration of medication at school.  While we encourage medication be administered at home, we understand this is not always possible.  All medication administered at school requires written authorization from the student’s physician (for prescription medication) as well as written parental permission.  Parents can sign for over-the-counter medications.  Medication authorization forms can be found on the district website at: .


Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


Janice Walsh, RN, LSN and Jaz Lux, RN

614-487-5060 x 7003


Safety at Windermere: Proactively we work to continue keeping safety a top priority at Windermere.  Monthly we practice fire drills.  Three times a year, we practice tornado drills and five times a year we practice safety drills. Safety drills are leveled.  A level one safety drill means there is a danger outside of the building.  An example of why we would use this level of lockdown, could be a bank robbery or the police department calling us to tell us they are in search of someone who is in our vicinity.  During this level of lockdown, all activities would occur as usual in the building.  Students would not be permitted to go outside to play.  A level two safety drill would mean there is a threat inside the school. Examples could include paramedics needing to come in the school because someone is hurt or an animal is loose in the building.  Students would not be permitted to leave their classroom or go outside to play until this level has been lifted.  The last level of drill we conduct is a level 3 safety drill.  This could mean there is an intruder in the building, it also could mean, that we need to evacuate the building due to a gas leak.  We have our designated safe place.  We practice this level of drill yearly and will be evacuating to our safe place to practice this type of drill this fall in collaboration with the Upper Arlington Police Department.  As we share with our students, we practice these drills so that we know exactly what to do in the event of a real emergency.  We take all drills very seriously so that we can practice and problem solve to keep our students and staff safe.  Each year, our staff, too, holds a theoretical drill with the Upper Arlington Police Department to talk through what we will do in the event of emergencies that could occur.  We want you to know that we love our children, and always want to practice, problem solve and talk about how we can best keep Windermere safe.  As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.       

Team KIVA is looking for new members! 

Students in this fun service-learning club plan the annual talent show fundraiser and teach others about issues that affect the international community.


If your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grader wants to be part of Team KIVA, please get an application from your classroom teacher or email  Applications are due Wednesday, September 13th. Good luck!


Safety in our Parking Lot:  We reminded students during announcements this week that bikes are to be walked on the sidewalks in front of the school.  Bikes should not be ridden in the parking lot.  For the the safety of our children with buses using the staff parking lot to drop students off in the morning, we only want bikes on sidewalks during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal.  Thank you!


Safety Patrol:  Fifth graders interested in safety patrol need to turn in permission slips to Mrs. Graver as soon as possible. The first meeting is September 8, at 11:05. See attachment for the permission slip. 


Windermere PTO Update:


Windermere Way YoYos - We will be selling yoyos next week to fund the wonderful NED assembly that the kids enjoyed today.  (Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best).  PTO reps will outside the cafeteria during lunch (11:05 - 12:05) and after school (3:50 - 4:00) every day next week  9/5 - 9/11. 

Kids will bring home a flyer today with the details. There are three yoyos to choose from.  The NedYo for $8, the Boomerang for $10 and the Excelerator for $15.  (If your kids are anything like mine, they will definitely need the deluxe $15 model.)  Feel free to send money (or a check payable to Windermere PTO) to school with your student.  Now’s your chance to dazzle the kids with your old Walk the Dog and Around the World tricks!


Walking Wednesdays - Windermere Hawks--It's time to walk!  Wednesday, September 6th is our first Walk to School Day for the fall!  Please see the attached flyer for lots of info and details.  See you Wednesday morning! Questions, please contact our head cheerleader and Walk to School Day coordinator, Kelley Ching at



City Barbeque Night –  Dreaming of barbeque?   Wednesday, September 13th is Windermere night at City BBQ.  Present your flyer and our PTO will get a portion of the sales.  More info to come.



PTO Meeting – Join us Wednesday, September 13 at 6:30 for our fall PTO meeting.  Yes, that is also BBQ night so feel free to pick up some pulled pork on the way.  Superintendent Paul Imhoff will join us to discuss the upcoming school levy, and answer any questions you may have.  I guarantee you’ll walk away smarter than you were before (which is already incredibly intelligent, of course).


Feel free to contact me with any questions


Andra Gillum

PTO President