The Upper Arlington community is in the midst of a two-year, three-phase master planning process, a historic, collaborative effort to determine the best path forward for our aging schools.

Hundreds of community volunteers on building teams and thousands of residents have shared their thoughts on options ranging from repair to rebuild for our schools. Based on their feedback, the superintendent recommended, and the Board of Education approved in December 2016, a master plan for all of our schools. The master plan is a long-range plan and will be implemented over time; it cannot be done all at once. The board-approved master plan outlines rebuilding Upper Arlington High School, renovating or rebuilding the district's five elementary schools, and repairing the two middle schools and Burbank Early Childhood School. (To see conceptual diagrams of the board-approved option for each school building, click here.)

With a master plan in place, the Upper Arlington community has entered the final phase of the facilities master planning process. Please learn more under the tabs below about how this collaborative process has continued during the decisions phase and what's next in this process.

The Decisions Phase

January-March 2017: Financial Advisory Board

The Financial Advisory Board, a new team of community volunteers with significant experience in financial management and the management of considerable facilities and construction work, has completed its review of the master plan as well as the district’s needs for an operating levy.

At the March 7 Board of Education meeting, the FAB released its initial draft findings report, and those findings will be shared with the community for feedback during the month of April.

The initial draft findings include:

  • Implementing the master plan over two phases, with the first phase involving rebuilding the high school to address immediate physical needs and rebuilding or renovating all of the elementary schools for financial reasons as well as enrollment growth.

  • Suggesting that the Board of Education pursue an 3.75-mill operating levy, the district's lowest in more than 35 years, to fund the district's day-to-day operations and continue the current level of operations. 

  • Suggesting the Zollinger Road option (previously known as Rebuild Option 2) for Upper Arlington High School, placing the front door on Zollinger Road and relocating and rebuilding Marv Moorehead Stadium “to maximize the functionality and safety of the high school site for students and community visitors.”

  • Pursuing the option of transitional athletic space behind Tremont Elementary School.

  • Suggesting that the Board of Education pursue a 5.17-mill bond issue — for an 8.92-mill combined levy/bond issue on the November 2017 ballot — to fund the first phase of construction involving the high school and the five elementary schools.

To read more about these and several other draft findings, please read the full report or the district news release by clicking one of the links below.

Financial Advisory Board Initial Findings Report

News release on Financial Advisory Board Initial Findings Report

Video about the work of the Financial Advisory Board

April 2017: Community feedback

During the month of April, residents have come together through a series of meetings and surveys to share their thoughts on the initial draft findings of the Financial Advisory Board. 

This feedback will be shared with the Financial Advisory Board and the community. 

To view a video of the community-wide engagement sessions, please visit the Community Engagement Session 5 page. To view all of the feedback from the five data points above, please visit the Your Voice Matters: Community Feedback page.

Late April 2017: Final meeting of the Financial Advisory Board

The community volunteers on the Financial Advisory Board have reviewed all of the feedback gathered from the community on the initial findings report and made any necessary revisions to their initial findings based on that feedback.

The Financial Advisory Board produced a final report that was presented at the Board of Education meeting on May 9, 2017.

Financial Advisory Board Final Findings Report

May 9, 2017: Recommendations to the Board of Education

At the Board of Education meeting on May 9, 2017, the Financial Advisory Board presented its final briefing paper.

At the same meeting, Superintendent Paul Imhoff made his recommendations on final updates to the master plan, including the high school rebuild options and transitional athletic space at the school-owned land behind Tremont Elementary School adjacent to Northam Park. These recommendations, detailed in the Facilities Master Plan Final Report shared with the Board of Education and the community at the May 9 meeting, were based upon the community feedback gathered during the months of March and April and the final findings report by the Financial Advisory Board. 

The superintendent asked the Board of Education to take action on the recommended updates to the master plan. The Board of Education unanimously approved the recommended updates, including:
  • The Zollinger Road option for Upper Arlington High School, based upon the principles of easier access for community members and first responders, a more efficient layout of the site and a logical location for a future addition, if needed.

  • A district-owned softball field, baseball field and turf field on district-owned property behind Tremont Elementary adjacent to Northam Park for use by multiple high school sports during and after construction at the high school.

  • A two-phase implementation schedule for the master plan, with a first phase consisting of rebuilding the high school and renovating or rebuilding the five elementary schools. 

  • Reductions in the scope of the first phase of the master plan totaling approximately $23,000,000 that would be identified during the design process, which would begin immediately following the successful passage of a combined ballot issue and would be involve any and all community members who wish to take part.

  • A minimum target of $5 million in private donations to reduce the cost of the first phase of the master plan to taxpayers. 

With the master plan finalized, Treasurer/CFO Andrew Geistfeld presented his recommendation to the Board of Education on a combined operating levy and bond issue for the November 2017 ballot. Based upon the community feedback and the Financial Advisory Board's final findings, Geistfeld recommended that the Board of Education place an 8.92-mill combined operating levy and bond issue on the November 7, 2017, ballot. A 3.75-mill operating levy would provide the day-to-day operations funding to maintain current district programming, and a $230,000,000 bond issue, an additional 5.17 mills, would fund the first phase of the master plan.

The Board of Education anticipates taking the first of two votes needed to place an issue on the ballot at its June 6, 2017, meeting at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers at the Municipal Services Center, 3600 Tremont Road.

Full Board of Education Presentation, May 9, 2017

June 2017: Action by the Board of Education

At the June 6, 2017, meeting, the Board of Education will take the first of two votes necessary to place a combined operating levy and bond issue on the November ballot. 

At the June 28, 2017, meeting, the Board of Education would take the second vote to place a combined operating levy and bond issue on the November ballot.

On November 7, 2017, Upper Arlington voters would be asked to decide a combined operating levy and bond issue.

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