Nutritional Services

The Upper Arlington Schools Nutritional Services staff takes great pride in providing our students with nutritious, tasty, and visually appealing lunches and snacks. Items sold or served at our schools meet very strict state and federal requirements, which are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines.

Please feel free to contact Irene Hunt at 614-487-5244 or for additional information.


Current Lunch Menus

Monthly Menus are available for viewing and/or printing on both the district website and your student(s) individual school website.


Burbank Menu

Barrington, Greensview, Tremont and Wickliffe Menu

Windermere Menu

Middle School Menu - Weeks of April 17-April 28

High School Menu - Week of April 3


Where can I find the menu for my child's school?

The menus are posted on the nutritional services web page and on the site for each school.

Can I prepay for my child's meals?

Yes, you have two options for prepayment.  You may add money to you child's lunch account online through SPS EZPay.  You may also deliver a check made payable to Upper Arlington Schools to the cook at your child's school.

I have additional questions about my child's meal options at school. Who should I contact?

The nutritional services staff is here to support your child.  Please feel free to reach out to any of the team members listed below.

Irene Hunt
Director of Nutritional Services
(614) 487-5244

Amato, Jim
Greensview Cashier
(614) 487-5050, ext. 5525 or 5531

Blake, Francie
Windermere Cook
(614) 487-5060, ext. 7025

Burchett, Tara
High School Cook/Cashier
(614) 487-5240, ext. 2031 or 2025

Dulaney, Jim
Catering Specialist/Delivery Driver
(614) 487-5240, ext. 2031 or 2025

Foley, Julie
High School Cook/Cashier
(614) 487-5240 ext 2031 or 2025

Howells, Sarah
Hastings Cook/Cashier
(614) 487-5100 ext 4025 or 4031 

Lawhead, Janet
Greensview Cook
(614) 487-5050, ext. 5525

Mayhugh, Sue
Wickliffe Cashier
(614) 487-5150, ext. 6531 or 6525

McKenna, Denise
Barrington Cashier
(614) 487-5180, ext. 5025 or 5031

Schuler, Sheila
Burbank Cook/Cashier
(614) 487-5158 ext. 1253

Parker, Peggy
Barrington Cook
(614) 487-5180, ext. 5025

Runkel, Amy
Hastings Cook/Cashier
(614) 487-5100, ext. 4031 or 4025

Tremont Cashier
(614) 487-5170, ext. 6025 or 6031

Slover, Justin
Jones Cook/Cashier
(614) 487-5077, ext. 3025 or 3031 

Strouse, Darlene
Tremont Cook
(614) 487-5170, ext. 6025

Windermere Cashier
(614) 487-5060 ext. 7025 or 7031

Tuttle, Robin
Wickliffe Cook
(614) 487-5150, ext. 6525

Vernon, Dianna
High School Cook/Cashier
(614) 487-5240, ext. 2031 or 2025

High School Cook/Cashier
(614) 487-5240, ext. 2031 or 2025

Application for Financial Assistance - For Barrington, Greensview, Wickliffe, Middle & High Schools

Application for Free Reduced Lunch - For Tremont and Windermere Only

If you have a question about food allergens, please feel free to contact Irene Hunt at 614-487-5244 or for additional information.

Contact Information

Irene Hunt
Director of Nutritional Services
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Pam Thompson
Secretary to Director of Nutritional Services
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1650 Ridgeview Road
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221
Phone icon (614) 487-5244


1950 North Mallway Drive
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221
(614) 487-5000

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