10 Foundational Principles

While the progressive programs have adapted to changing state and national standards, we remain committed to the Ten Foundational Principles. 

We believe schools are essential to a democratic society.


  1. We create a community for teaching and learning for all ages.

  2. We raise social consciousness by encouraging the school community to examine and act upon complex issues within a democratic society.

  3. We respect diversity among children and variation in their development.

  4. We collaborate with colleagues and parents as co-educators to meet children’s needs.

  5. We engage in thematic studies and foster authentic and emergent learning experiences.

  6. We structure experiences that actively engage children in the process of learning and guide child choice and decision-making.

  7. We design opportunities to integrate the arts in curriculum as an essential way to acquire and express knowledge.

  8. We use time and space in a flexible manner.

  9. We facilitate ongoing reflection and self-evaluation by children and adults.

  10. We use learning groups and documentation to support and deepen learning.

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