Burbank Early Childhood School

The Upper Arlington City School district extends its high quality school programs to tuition-based part- and full-day preschool at Burbank Early Childhood School. Professional, long-tenured staff provide rich learning opportunities in well-equipped and carefully-planned classrooms. Individual learning and discovery rather than group instruction and activity are emphasized for typically-developing and special-needs children. In addition to meeting Ohio Department of Education standards, BECS is a recipient of the Irene Bandy-Hedden Award recognizing high quality early childhood programs in Ohio.


Teachers provide a balance of quiet and active play. Naps and restful activities allow periodic breaks from the intense physical and cognitive explorations that characterize young children. Large muscle climbing rooms and an expansive outdoor playground provide an abundance of active play space. Teachers emphasize the importance of relationships by encouraging children to negotiate, cooperate, problem solve, and interact in courteous ways. Teachers encourage appropriate behaviors by modeling courtesy and respectfulness. Staff supports and encourages children to work through their difficulties and come to a resolution in respectful, non-violent ways. Additional staff support may also come into your child's classroom to help with overhaul management and/or student specific behavior issues. Teachers know when to intervene, how to facilitate problem solving, and which approach to use with a child.

An Educational Program

Young children learn by doing. At Burbank, teachers provide stimulating opportunities for children to question, predict outcomes, experiment, reflect on discoveries, and interact with people and materials. Curricular activities are developed based on current research and recommended practice, State Early Learning Standards, cultural backgrounds and traditions, children’s and teacher’s interests, and parental insight. Teachers provide opportunities throughout the day for children to work individually or in small groups on projects involving reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Whole group time is often used to build a sense of community and shared purpose. Preschool classrooms have mixed age groups to promote maximum development.

A District Program

Since 1983 The Upper Arlington City Schools have responded to research documenting the importance of prekindergarten learning by providing Burbank Early Childhood School. The school serves approximately 200 students per year, and is funded by parent tuition.

Our Mission

To strengthen the community by providing quality first school experiences which foster family life and promote self-reliance, resourcefulness, curiosity, good citizenship, and appreciation for diversity.

Contact Information

Kathy Lawton, PhD, BCBA-D
Director of Burbank Early Childhood School 
[email protected]
Jeri Zurhorst
Program Coordinator
[email protected] 
4770 Burbank Drive
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43220
Phone: (614) 487-5155 
Fax: (614) 487-5298
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