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Upper Arlington High School administers Advanced Placement (AP) exams in May each year. There are a wide range of Advanced Placement courses reflected in many disciplines. Advanced Placement courses, because of their academic rigor, are assigned a weighted grade factor of 1.2 x letter grade. Students can also choose to challenge any AP exam, without having taken the course.

Acceptable AP scores enable students to earn college credit by demonstrating competence in freshman college-level coursework. Students who earn at least a score of a 3 on the AP test are guaranteed college credit at all Ohio Public Institutions of Higher Education. The number of credits and how they apply towards a degree vary depending on the test and the college. Be advised that students can only receive credit if they take the AP test and taking the AP test is a UAHS requirement.  Private universities and universities outside of Ohio have specific policies in place for receiving credit. 

The Upper Arlington School district will pay the AP testing fee, but students are required to pay any additional fees that are incurred.  Should a student choose not to take the AP test, the AP designation will be removed from the title of the title of the course.  The "weighted average" will also be removed from the students' transcript.  

Students and parents should be very sensitive to the demanding nature of Advanced Placement courses. Students will be asked to be involved in college level activities, particularly in the areas of writing skills, reading, and test taking. Advanced Placement courses place a high degree of emphasis on the student’s own self-motivation, study skills, and the ability to self-direct his or her own learning. 

Upper Arlington High School offers a wide variety of AP courses reflected in many disciplines — including visual art, English language arts, global language, math, social studies and science. To see the AP course offerings for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year, please access the program of studies below.

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