Academic Program

The successful pursuit of academic excellence for all Upper Arlington students involves a whole-child philosophy that respects intellectual, emotional and social learning and growth. Our district provides many academic options not available in other public school districts. We provide our students with the academic opportunities and the social-emotional skills they need to be successful in our fast-changing world. 

Our curriculum allows for the development of individual talents and interests through a variety of learning experiences and resources to accomplish the educational goals set forth in our strategic plan, the Ohio Department of Education, and state statute. The curriculum emphasizes the principles of democracy and ethics in appropriate parts of the curriculum for students in all grades. Upper Arlington adheres to the research behind the science of reading and therefore, we instill a love for reading through structured literacy. 

The Upper Arlington Schools curriculum, as agreed upon by the Board of Education, is defined as:

  1. The courses of study, subjects, classes, and organized activities provided by the school.

  2. All planned activities of the schools, including formal classroom instruction and out-of-class activity, both individual and group, necessary to accomplish the educational goals of the District.

  3. Learning activities approved by the Board for individual or groups of students and expressed in terms of specific instructional objectives or class periods.

  4. The plan for learning necessary to accomplish the educational goals of the District.

  5. Lessons, units of instruction, and assessments that are aligned with prescribed academic content standards. 

For a deeper look at how we challenge and support every student, every step of the way, follow the links below to the learning standards and resources used within Upper Arlington Schools.

Upper Arlington Schools is taking the lead in education nationwide by implementing a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) so that every student is able to maximize their academic, social and emotional growth. Knowing that students are much more than academic data points, we have built and are enhancing processes so teachers have time to thoughtfully reflect upon the needs of the whole child, throughout the year. 

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Our strategic plan calls upon us to create a culture that fosters emotional well-being, engagement and resilience in each and every student. Part of creating that culture involves strengthening connections between life management strategies and habits of mind with daily classroom learning experiences. Research has demonstrated over time that one of the best ways to accomplish these goals is through social and emotional learning.

Service Learning

Service-learning supports the mission of the district by providing engaging and relevant learning experiences.  These authentic experiences meet real community needs, have strong ties to the curriculum, and include meaningful preparation and reflection.

Special Education

Our special education program is designed to identify students with disabilities and implement programs and services to support their educational needs.

English Language Learners Services

The Upper Arlington English Language Learners program gives English Language Learners customized instruction in the four areas of communication: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Gifted Services

Gifted education is an intervention placement that is designed to meet the unique needs of students who score significantly above their age peers on state-approved achievement and ability tests. 

Personalized Learning

Under the visionary leadership of the Upper Arlington Board of Education, the district launched a one-to-one technology program in December 2016 as part of our innovative strategic plan. The district believes that it is essential to personalize learning to provide students with the tools and the opportunities that will both enhance educational experiences and ensure their readiness for the next phase of their lives.


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