Elementary Explorations

The mission of Elementary Explorations is to provide all elementary students with opportunities to engage and explore cross-curricular content while increasing student voice, improving well-being and creating engaged learners through whole child, project-based learning.

The Elementary Explorations teachers will see your student once every two weeks and will be working with your student in their classroom on a variety of projects that include topics on STEM, art and design, robotics, literacy, physical education, and well-being.

Meet the Elementary Explorations Team!

The five members of the Elementary Explorations team posing for a photo in front of a brick wall, all wearing their staff gray and gold Start With Heart t-shirts

Mrs. Kimberly Thomas, Mr. John Kulina, Mr. Jeffrey Watts, Mr. Stephen Gdovin and Mrs. Blythe Lamont

Where are we today?

Elementary Explorations follows the ABCDE calendar, traveling around the district to all of the elementary schools based on the day. Here's where you can find us!

A and A2 days: Greensview Elementary School
B and B2 days: Windermere Elementary School
C days: Barrington Elementary School
C2 days: Wickliffe Elementary School
D and D2 days: Tremont Elementary School
E and E2 days: Barrington Elementary School

What's Happening in Explorations

A student holding up a "helicopter" made out of a paper cup
Aerodynamics - cup copters and boomerangs

Hour of Code, in collaboration with Upper Arlington High School computer science students

Students engaging in a 9-square activity involving a structure made of PVC pipes
9-square activity

A student shooting a padded arrow toward a line of hoops
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