Elementary Academic Program

Upper Arlington Schools has long believed in educating and supporting the whole child. This is at the heart of our 2019-2024 Strategic Plan and our K-5 elementary program. 

In addition to this curriculum, Upper Arlington Schools also offers the choice of an alternative progressive / informal program, offered at Barrington and Wickliffe Progressive elementary schools.  

Below is an overview of the Upper Arlington Schools K-5 elementary program.


Our K-5 classrooms develop strong literacy skills in students based on the Science of Reading.  The Science of Reading is over four decades of research from multiple disciplines outlining what is essential to create proficient readers and writers. Based on this research and best practice, our literacy instruction includes these critical components: oral language, phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. Literacy instruction provides explicitly taught skills and integrated approaches across content areas.

This year, literacy instruction may look a little different for your elementary students. Upper Arlington Schools shares more in the video above about the science of reading and our instructional approach - called structured literacy.


Instructional strategies are based on research findings and are incorporated into daily instruction. Teachers facilitate learning by using whole group instruction, cooperative learning groups, active and engaged discussion and math tools. Math games are also employed to help students practice and improve skills. Students are encouraged to share solutions and strategies, ask questions and reflect upon new findings.

Science and social studies

Science is hands-on and inquiry-based. Teachers use a variety of resources to deliver authentic instruction. Science units often integrate mathematics and literacy. Teachers design lessons with specific grade-level indicators to build and support meaningful experiences.  Student input and discovery also help guide the learning process.

Thematic integrated approaches are also used when presenting social studies curriculum.  Teachers use an assortment of strategies to bring units to life. Field trips, literature studies, guest speakers and technology make learning authentic. Service-learning projects are often a major focus of social studies.

Related arts

In Upper Arlington Schools, we value the arts and have a long-standing commitment to supporting the development of music, art and physical education. Elementary students engage in creative and meaningful experiences in the arts every day.

Elementary Explorations

Elementary Explorations is a districtwide program that provides all elementary students with opportunities to engage and explore cross-curricular content, creating engaged learners through whole child, project-based learning. Each grade level engages in Elementary Explorations once every two weeks for about 60 to 75 minutes, following the rotating A-E schedule. 

town hall meetings

Elementary students have the opportunity to gather together to celebrate and share their learning and make their thinking visible at town hall meetings.  Students in kindergarten through fifth grade present and/or perform snapshots of their learning so that others can see exciting examples of learning happening across all grade levels.

technology and personalized learning

Each child in Upper Arlington Schools receives a district-issued device (iPad) to use as a tool to support and enhance their learning at school and at home. Elementary students use their district-issued devices for academic experiences that provide practice, collaborative engagement, and creative displays of knowledge and skills. They also use the devices for assessments and state testing. Students also have the ability to continue to use the device throughout the summer for additional learning experiences. 

Our UA Kiosk hosts teacher- and district-approved grade-level apps available for students to install on their devices. They do not have access to the Apple App store, so they cannot download or purchase apps, music, etc.  

Many of our teachers have received Apple Teacher Certification and each building has a media specialist who is also a Certified Apple Learning Specialist. Together, these highly qualified adults work to merge the curriculum with technology, when appropriate, to ensure students are experiencing and gaining the skill sets needed for their grade level as defined by the Ohio Technology Standards and Library Media Standards.


Learning standards

The Upper Arlington Schools K-12 curriculum is aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards. These standards explain the knowledge and skills Ohio students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 need to achieve. Ohio’s Learning Standards emphasize skills crucial to students’ success not only in school but also in college, careers and life — such as critical thinking and problem solving.

Based on Ohio's Learning Standards, Upper Arlington Schools has made thoughtful and intentional decisions to focus on particular content identified in the Upper Arlington Schools Priority Learning Standards, allowing teachers to realistically teach for mastery in the time allotted.

Our schools

1780 Barrington Road
Phone: (614) 487-5180 x5000

4301 Greensview Drive
Phone: (614) 487-5050 x5500

2900 Tremont Road

Phone: (614) 487-5170 x6000

2405 Wickliffe Road

Phone: (614) 487-5150 x6500

Windermere Elementary School

4101 Windermere Road 

Phone: (614) 487-5060 x7000 

* Please note that Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School is a school of choice and does not have an attendance boundary as it offers the alternative progressive / informal program to students living in the Greensview, Tremont and Windermere attendance areas. Barrington Elementary School also offers the choice of the alternative progressive / informal program to students living in that attendance area.


Keith Pomeroy
Chief Academic Officer

Michelle Banks, Ed.D.
Director of Elementary Education
[email protected]

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