Senior Service Honor Cord Information



Seniors who choose to “SERVE, LEAD, SUCCEED” through community service gain memorable experiences, build character and contribute to their community. Therefore, we would like to honor any senior who gives 120 hours of time from May 23, 2020  through April 8, 2022 with a special Senior Service Honor Cord to be worn at graduation. Because there are increased restrictions on doing in-person service, hours recorded during your junior AND senior year will count toward the 120 hours you need for this award. 

To record your hours: 

  • sign in to your Naviance Student page.  

  • Scroll and click on the x2Vol box under “Resources to get ready”

  • On your Home Dashboard, go to Groups & Goals; in the drop down menu, choose the Groups & Goals Search.

  • “Join” the Senior Service Honor Cord 2022 group and begin recording your hours. This group is optional, but you must JOIN in order to be considered for this award. All 120 hours must be recorded by April 8, 2022. All hours you record in x2Vol will count toward this award.

  • Your hours will be approved by April 15, 2022. A list of Seniors who will be receiving this award will be posted after April 15. 

All volunteer activities are subject to the UA Rules for Community Service:

  • Completed without pay.

  • Completed for someone other than a family member.

  • Completed for the school, a service agency, or individuals who are incapacitated.

  • Youth in the Booth does not count as community service, unless you have donated your pay and can produce a receipt.

  • All political activities must be non-partisan (i.e., working for the League of Women Voters or Get Out the Vote. NOT - working for a specific campaign for a candidate)

  • Extended service trips/camps can receive a maximum of 18 hours per day. This includes 6th grade camp (maximum of 48 hours for 6th grade camp).

In light of social distancing requirements, here are some additional ideas on activities that will qualify during this time: 

  • Assisting neighbors with childcare, grocery shopping or picking up prescriptions

  • Online/virtual tutoring 

  • Making face masks for your neighbors

Ideas for virtual service:   

Need help with posting your hours on x2Vol?

Questions? Contact Jeanne Gogolski, Career Development/Service-learning Coordinator,  
[email protected] 
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