About IB Career-Related Programme

Upper Arlington High School is proud to be the only high school in the state of Ohio to offer the IB Career-Related Programme (IBCP). This program is designed for students interested in pursuing a career-related education through either Fort Hayes, the Columbus Downtown School or the Project Lead the Way Engineering career pathway, and combining their experience with at least two IB courses that are relevant to their chosen career related course of study.  These courses can be from any group (or even the same group) and at either the Higher level or the Standard level.  

IBCP students also participate in the Core – consisting of a Personal and Professional Skills course, service learning opportunities, and a Reflective Project (which serves as a students’ Capstone experience).  

The IBCP enables students to:
  • Follow their chosen education and career pathways in life, 
  • Combine academic classes with personal and profession interests and skills, 
  • Think critically and creatively, communicate clearly and effectively in a variety of situations, 
  • Effectively work independently and in collaboration with others, 
  • Develop greater self-confidence and self-awareness, and a
  • Aply their knowledge to real-world scenarios and situations.
The IBCP program combines academic, employability, service learning, and career-related skills in an innovative framework that is recognized and respected globally. 

IBCP Resources

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