Kindergarten FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about our new all-day kindergarten program, beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, and the kindergarten registration process.

If you are not sure which kindergarten you plan on your child attending, do you register for each elementary school?

Families have the option of attending their school of residence based on our attendance areas, or they may choose to enroll in the alternative progressive / informal instructional program. This alternative program is offered at Barrington (for students living in that attendance area) and Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School (for students living in the Greensview, Tremont and Windermere attendance areas).  Students wishing to attend a different school must complete and submit an intra-district enrollment request form. You can find more information about all of these options on our website

What is the screening like for incoming kindergartners?

Kindergarten screenings will be scheduled at each elementary building. The goal of kindergarten screening is to provide academic, physical, social and emotional information about each student to the school team to create balanced classes.

How will school lunches work for kindergarteners?

Students will have the option of ordering their lunches in their classroom each morning, or they may pack their lunch. 

A link to our lunch menus is available on our website. Families have two options for prepayment for student meals. You may add money to your student's lunch account online through SPS EZPay.  You may also deliver a check made payable to Upper Arlington Schools to the cook at your child's school.

How do you sign up for SACC?

SACC (School-Age Child Care) is our affordable, quality, before and after-school programming for children attending our elementary schools. Open registration for new families typically is in April for the upcoming school year. Due to a limited number of spots available, all new families are placed into a lottery. The lottery will determine who is accepted into any open spot, who is on the wait-list and who will need to wait until the following year to register again. You can find more details including tuition rates on our website.

How can you become involved with your school PTO?

You can visit your school's Parent Links page on our website to find a link to your school PTO.

Is there busing provided in UA?

Yes. The Upper Arlington City School District offers transportation services to elementary and middle school students who live 1.25 miles or greater from their home school.

Is a half-day kindergarten experience still an option?

We offer an all-day kindergarten program, free of charge. Our kindergarten day includes all academic, social and emotional learning woven throughout the day. We will work with families to accommodate requests for half-day kindergarten. Families should know that the district is not required to provide an adjusted curriculum for any student who attends half-day.

Can we switch our child between the half-day and all-day program?
For continuity of education, we prefer to see students in the all-day kindergarten program. If a family would like to switch from half-day to all-day or from all-day to half-day, they need to contact the building principal for a determination meeting. Please understand the district is not under an obligation to accommodate such requests.

What is a multi-age classroom? 

Multi-age classrooms have mixed grade levels - for example, kindergarten and first grade students learning in the same classroom. We have multi-age classrooms in our alternative progressive / informal program at both Barrington Elementary School and Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School. 

Research shows multi-age classrooms have benefits for students, families and teachers. You can read more about multi-age classrooms on the Barrington website and the Wickliffe website.

Are there any school policies or preferences around siblings (twins) in the same class?

We work with families to decide what is best for their children. Many twins stay together while others separate. This will be a case by case decision.

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