LABS Field Work

Student spraying Fabreeze into a box for her installation

Semester Exams

December 21, 2022

"I'm so excited for this exam," said no person ever.

Except, this year, I did. 

So did Mr. Martin and Mrs. Carmichael. 

And many of the students in the LABS cohort. They were getting pizza, but that was only part of the reason.
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Students sitting around the table enjoying food.

LABS Potluck Invitation

November 16, 2022

LABS students came together for a potluck meant to bring people together and to both develop and grow bonds between students, teachers and guests. The class invited administrators and School Board members to join their luncheon, and they all sat around a table in community with one another.
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LABS and INC students posing together on the wall at the Ninja Gym

Field Notes - Ninja Gym Field Trip

October 24, 2022

Adapted from Thoughts on Field Notes from Reed College
Date: 10/24/2022    Time: Noon    Location: Movement Lab
Observer: Laura Moore

In response to the Someday wishes of swinging inside, engaging in a "field day" and going on a field trip, we took LABS students and INC students to the Movement Lab for a chance to bond, and a chance to see how accommodations can provide access points for all students.
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Student holding tennis ball during Peer Collaborator training activity

Let Them Do the Work - Peer Collaborator Training

October 20, 2022

“How else could we help her get the ball in the basket without doing it for her?” Mrs. Holder asked. 

One of her students piped up right away. 

“Backhand,” he said, and Mrs. Holder followed up. “Yes, we could try throwing it a different way. What other ideas do you have?”

The room was silent; students were pondering. The basket still stood twenty feet away and the student who had volunteered for the activity still stood before it. 

“Did I give you any other rules?” Mrs. Holder asked, prompting them to think. “I just said the goal was to get it into the basket, right?”

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Students crowded around tables with chart paper and post it notes grouping their wishes like systems thinkers

Genie Wishes, We Wishes & Systems Thinking

September 26, 2022

They talked about the fact that individual wishes—me wishes, or genie wishes—as we called them, might make a huge difference to one person, but they would make an even larger difference if we figured out the core of what a wisher wanted and found a way to share it with others. In other words, instead of granting the wish to “have an exciting first period,” by giving donuts, or facilitating a serenade, or planning a crazy staged event for just that one individual student, what would happen if we facilitated a break in the monotony of everyday life for everyone? Would granting that student’s wish, on a larger scale, tip the scales of life for the whole school?

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The word FUN written in blue crayon on paper

Wishes, Part II

September 2, 2022

“Would a field trip to a ninja gym satisfy your wish?” I asked, unable to take it anymore. 


Heads turned toward me, the random lady in the back. I saw a few faces light up, and a few eyebrows furled, presumably wondering if it was a joke. Then one of the field trip wishers looked me square in the eye and offered an emphatic “yes.”

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Words arranged in a poem around a book with stars coming out of the pages. The text of the poem is: Society programs us early on:  Learning is about work &  Wishes are the stuff of fantasy Existing 		merely as an   e s c a p e       from reality Not neces

Wishes, Part I

September 2, 2022

In LABS, a collaborative course that combines IB Language & Literature and IB Cultural Anthropology, Sean Martin and Linda Carmichael turn societal programming upside down. 

This is the first year for LABS, and Martin and Carmichael initiated the school year by inviting students to share “someday wishes,” an idea spawned from the article “Letting Student Voice Lead the Way,” in ASCD.

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Quote card image with letters that look like they are cut out word-by-word and pasted on the page. The quote reads: "whatever you do, do not fear the unknown. note to self.

Building Something from Nothing

August 25, 2022

It’s pretty powerful to watch a group like that, to witness their journey to grow into themselves, especially after COVID. It doesn’t always happen for every class. Bells come quickly, distance feels safe, the business of knowing keeps pounding on the door with pressing matters that tend to get in the way, so when a group of strangers actually choose to mix and bond, to stop and giggle, to wonder and wander and share, while it can look a bit chaotic, or feel a little scary, the truth is, it’s also a recipe for magic. 

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