Lunch Menu FAQs

How do I access Upper Arlington’s Nutrislice site?

Upper Arlington’s Nutrislice site can be accessed via the direct link located on the Upper Arlington School District’s Nutritional Services Page, by going to the site directly at or downloading the Nutrislice app on your device.

How do I access my building’s menus?

  1. On the Nutrislice homepage, select the school/building.  (This will take you directly to that buildings main menu page.)
  2. You can also select certain buildings as your favorites by clicking the heart next to each one.  If you select the “Favorites” tab, only those buildings you have selected as favorites will appear.

How do I view nutritional information for a menu item?

  1. Once on your buildings main menu page, you can click any menu item you would like to view.
  2. The informational box will pop up for the item. Below is information that can be viewed:
    1. Menu item picture and description
    2. Food group classifications for item
    3. Nutritional information per serving
  3. A NEW feature will allow you to scroll through all of the menu items for that day and view the nutritional information simply by clicking on the arrow.

** See allergens and label section for additional details on how to access this information.

How do I view foods that contain a particular allergen - one of the "Top 8"?

Click on “Filter Allergens.”

Select allergen you would like to filter.

If item contains allergen, item will be grayed out.

If ingredients not fully available, item will have a yellow caution triangle.

If you have a question about food allergens, please feel free to contact Irene Hunt at 614-487-5244 or for additional information. 

Can I access the ingredients for menu items?

Yes.  In the menu item informational box, click on the “View Manufacturer Label” 

This will download manufacturer’s product information sheet containing ingredients and allergens.

* Please note these are product spec sheets from manufacturer website.  If you have questions about the actual box label, please contact nutritional services.

How can I get just the information on carbohydrates?

Click the gray  “View carb counts button” (icon looks like a calculator) 

This will take you to a page that will provide the fiber and carbohydrate counts for all menu items on that week.  (It will also include this information for any items provided in the dropdown boxes on right of main menu page – snacks, milk, etc.)

* This can be printed.

I have additional questions about my child's meal options at school, Who should I contact?

The nutritional services staff is here to support your child.  Please feel free to reach out to your school's Nutritional Staff through the phone numbers below.
 Barrington (614) 487-5180, ext. 5025
 Greensview (614) 487-5050, ext. 5525
 Tremont (614) 487-5170, ext. 6025
 Wickliffe (614) 487-5150, ext. 6525
 Windermere  (614) 487-5060, ext. 7025
 Hastings (614) 487-5100, ext. 4025
 Jones (614) 487-5080, ext. 3025
 High School (614) 487-5200, ext. 2031 
 Burbank (614) 487-5158, ext. 1253

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