NCAA Information

Are you planning on participating in college athletics at a DI or DII college/university? If so, please be sure to let your School Counselor know!

NCAA Information for Juniors

Before you register with the NCAA, review the Registration Checklist. Make sure you have a credit card available to pay the $80.00 registration fee. Also, make sure you remember the email address you register with and the password or pin you create when you register. You will need this information each time you log into the website.

If you are going to sign up for the NCAA Eligibility Center:

  1. TEST SCORES: Be sure to send “free” scores to the NCAA when you register for the ACT or SAT. Their code is 9999
  2. Register with the NCAA in the Junior year or early fall of Senior year.
  3. TRANSCRIPTS: Please do NOT request an official transcript for the NCAA from the high school UNTIL school starts in August of the Senior year. The NCAA wants your initial transcript to include grades THROUGH THE END OF YOUR JUNIOR YEAR. The NCAA requires official transcripts be sent to them from EACH HIGH SCHOOL YOU HAVE ATTENDED. (This means that you have to contact any other high school you have attended and have them send your transcript of grades directly to the NCAA. – See page 14 of the Guide)
    1. NOTE: At Upper Arlington High School you must request an official transcript with a College Center Transcript Request form (and $5 official transcript fee). Please see UAHS College Center website to download this form. It needs to be turned into the College Center with the $5 official transcript fee. This form needs student and parent signatures. We will send your initial transcript and also a FINAL transcript around June 15 of the Senior year or when you turn in the request form.

After you request your transcripts and test scores to be sent, visit the NCAA Eligibility Center portal occasionally to make sure they have received your documents.

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