Chris Potts
The business services department keeps the day-to-day operations of the district running behind the scenes.  Chief Operating Officer Chris Potts and his staff are responsible for the areas listed below as well as human resources support for the district's non-teaching staff.
This department provides support services for the purpose of maintaining a well-functioning, safe, clean and inviting facilities that are conducive to a quality learning and work environment for all those who come in contact with the district. 
The Upper Arlington City School District is pleased to offer our facilities to community groups and individuals for a facility use fee. The Board of Education has developed specific bylaws and guidelines that govern our facility rental program. 
The Upper Arlington Schools Nutritional Services staff takes great pride in providing our students with nutritious, tasty, and visually appealing lunches and snacks. 
The Upper Arlington City School District owns and operates its own fleet of school buses and school transportation vehicles. The number one goal of the department is to provide safe and efficient transportation for all students to and from school and school-related activities. 
Our staff works closely with the Upper Arlington Division of Police and the Upper Arlington Division of Fire to create safety plans that are continuously reviewed and updated.  We regularly practice safety drills and conduct safety-related discussions with students in a positive and age-appropriate manner. 

Contact Information

Christopher R. Potts
Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]
(614) 487-5000

Mike Abbott
Executive Director of Operations
[email protected]
(614) 487-5302

Phil De Roche
Director of Operational Services
[email protected]
(614) 487-5302 

Kirsten Schaefer
Program Secretary for Operations
[email protected]
(614) 487-5302

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