Recording Your Service Hours

If you have used x2Vol in the past, look at the “Regular User” instructions. If this is your first time, look at the “First time user” instructions.

  • You need to login to your Naviance Student Account

  • On the “Welcome” page, scroll down and click on the bright blue box, x2Vol, under “Resources to get ready.


 When the x2VOL Dashboard opens, look under the heading Common Tasks.

  • Click on the Add Hours tab (green rectangle) to open the My Activity Log page.

  • Click on the blue rectangle labeled “Create New.”

  • Follow the prompts in each section under Create A Personal Project.

    • Enter the email (which is preferred) / phone number of your Activity Contact Person.

    • Under “Apply Hours to Goals” click “Apply to all non-exclusive goals.” This will allow you to apply your hours to President’s Volunteer Service Award and/or Senior Service Cord, if you would like to be considered for these awards.

    • Be sure to check the box that says that you are being accurate about your submissions.

    • Be sure to hit Submit at the end.

  • If you are working toward the Senior Service Honor Cord: 

    • Click on “Groups/Goals Search” at the top of the Dashboard. 

    • Click on the green button “Join” if you are recording hours for the 2022 Senior Service Honor Cord. 


 You must register on the site if this is your first time in! 

  • Choose Interests, Career Clusters and Other Interests.

  • Feel free to use the school address and phone number (614-487-5200), rather than your home address and phone number.

  • No password is needed.

  • YOU MUST SELECT A MANDATORY GROUP -- your graduation year! 

  • Event Registration Notification: Leave this blank, no email.

  • Be sure to check the boxes that say, “I understand that my school may have access to my community service progress,” and “I understand and accept the site policies regarding privacy and security.” 

  • Congratulations! Your x2VOL Dashboard is Activated!

Questions? Contact Jeanne Gogolski, UA Career Development/Service-learning Coordinator 
[email protected] 
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