Innovation (R&D) Lab

Conceptualization of the R&D Lab kicked off during the 2015-2016 school year thanks to a very generous donation from a local family, and support from both the Upper Arlington Education Foundation and the Upper Arlington High School PTO. 

Over the years, we have been able to invest time and resources into its development, and we are proud of the projects, initiatives and thinking that has emerged from this program, and has touched the lives of students at UAHS. 

Several of our projects are detailed below. Click on the link to read how each idea originated, evolved, and offered powerful experiences for students. 

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Program of Studies LINKED HERE

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LABS is a brand-new prototype launched for the 2022-2023 school year that directly responds to student voice. It is the culmination of work by students, teachers and administrators who committed to the endeavor to innovate forward. Over the course of this school year, we will be publishing a series of diary entires devoted to pulling back the curtain on our thinking, and documenting our journey through a new way of learning. If you are interested in joining, please click on the icon at the left to learn more.

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Ferris is a facility dog who works at UAHS. The idea to bring Ferris into the building came from a teacher who wanted to find more opportunities for students in her multiple disabilities classroom to have authentic interactions with non-identified peers. Taking care of Ferris and sharing Ferris with the larger school population gives students in the Individualized Needs Center (INC) a chance to learn responsibility, practice leadership, and develop relationships with others. 

The idea for Ferris came through the R&D Lab, but the largest source of funding for Ferris came from the Upper Arlington Education Foundation (UA+ED). We are so thankful for their support!

If you are an educator interested in collaborating with Ferris fill out an application LINKED HERE
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Students have the chance to both learn and practice leadership through R&D initiatives. The Leadership Cohort was initiated this year as a scaled iteration from the 2021-2022 Leadership & Theory prototype class, expanding opportunities from 9 to 58 students. The Student Innovation Team, started in 2019, provides students with a voice, and arms them with agency, as they work alongside teachers and administrators to improve our school.

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In my first year as an R&D Leader, I spent time observing what was already happening in our building. I popped into classrooms to watch UAHS teachers inspire students to think, to dream and to move. Click on the icon to look back. 

The Upper Arlington High School Research and Design lab is a conceptual space to explore, prototype and design innovative approaches to teaching and learning. 

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