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students in auditorium

The Power of Relevance

We’ve all seen it happen: a speaker asks for questions and the crowd goes...silent.

Despite the access, despite the opportunity, despite the potential of the moment, not one person raises a hand, or steps before a microphone, or utters a single word.

Not one person elevates or ……
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Students at podium on stage

Disagreeing Without Being Disagreeable

Every time we met to brainstorm ideas for UA Idea Day, students mentioned a desire for civility. They wanted to see politicians from two different parties standing together voluntarily, discussing what they had in common.

“We all know what they disagree on,” one of our students said, referencing the extreme partisanism they witnessed in the previous election, “but they have to agree on something.”

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students marching

Putting the Civil in Civil Disobedience

We don’t often have the chance to live out the lessons residing in textbooks, to make the decisions people before us made without the benefit of hindsight.

But today, at 10 a.m., on the 19th anniversary of Columbine, students in Upper Arlington, and in cities throughout our nation, had the opportunity to examine their beliefs regarding school safety and gun violence in schools, ...
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candle light

Mindfulness Matters

The Upper Arlington High School R&?D Lab has been up and running for a little over a year now, and we have had a number of proposals make their way to the Steering Committee.

All along, the goal of our group has been to lend an ear, to offer support and to create a space for new ideas to live, to be tested, to succeed or to fail, to evolve, shift course or provoke further conversation.
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beads on a desk

Using Beads to Turn Lightbulbs on

Abstract ideas are often hard to grasp.

That’s why UAHS honors biology teacher, Tim Bridgham, gave his students a bag of beads.

I noticed him compiling them in the library and I couldn’t resist the urge to inquire. When he gave me his answer, I asked if I could drop in for a visit.……
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