Scheduling a Conference

Conferences in Middle School

Unlike elementary school, not all parents have conferences in middle school. Parent conferences are always available upon request, and occasionally a teaching team will request that parents come in for a conference.

In middle school, parents conference with the child's teaching team. Any teacher who works with your child and is available at the time of the conference will try to attend. Conferences last between 15-20 minutes, and we do our best to give you a complete picture of your child as a student. If there are concerns, we will do our best to develop strategies that allow us to all work together as a team with your child to help ensure success.

Parents are always welcome to communicate with teachers via email, as this is the quickest way to share information. When a more comprehensive meeting is needed, that's when we move to the parent conference.

How Do I Schedule a Conference with the Team?

To schedule a conference with your child's teaching team, contact your child's counselor by email or phone. 

Teams have a full period devoted to meeting together daily. Lots of things happen during those team meetings, including conferences, special education meetings, team project planning, special event planning, discussing students, and collaboration by subject-area.

What if I'm Unavailable during the Daytime?

We do offer two evening parent conference opportunities each school year. On those evenings, we have space for about 10 conferences per teaching team. We ask that parents who are able to arrange a daytime conference reserve those evening conference times for people who are unable to come to Jones during the daytime.
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