Service Hour Requirements

Community Service Hours Summary:

Students are required to complete 5 hours of community service outside of the regular school day. 

Community service hours support the mission of the Upper Arlington School District by engaging students in meaningful volunteer opportunities which enrich the learning experience while teaching civic responsibility and strengthening communities. Our vision is to develop uniquely accomplished students prepared to serve, lead, and succeed.  Community service helps students take skills they have learned in the classroom outside their classroom walls.  Being involved in their communities and serving others provides students a sense of purpose and helps students make informed decisions about possible career exploration pathways.  Community service challenges students to engage in meaningful authentic learning experiences which will further help prepare them to serve, lead, and succeed.

Examples of community service include volunteering places (food bank, places of worship, the library, retirement/nursing homes, various organizations) or offering support to someone in need (cooking a meal for a neighbor, doing yardwork for an elderly friend or neighbor, offering child care for someone). We are typically flexible in awarding community service hours for volunteer work. Community service is NOT doing work for a family member or doing things for others who are able to pay for the service.  Students will NOT receive double service hours for performing their community service with a family member.

All hours for the school year will be logged in using the x2VOL website.  Students can access their x2VOL accounts through their Family Connection login.
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