Town Meetings

Town Meetings are about celebrating and expressing learning. There are components of Town Meetings that suggest a performance, but Town Meetings are about celebrating and expressing learning.
A performance is more about…A Town Meeting is more about…
Performance: A musical or dramatic presentation that's main purpose is to entertain.Town Meeting: A presentation that often incorporates the arts wit the sole purpose of sharing our learning and the processes we use.
The stage, sound system and lighting are used to enhance the performance and entertainment.The stage, sound system and lighting are used to enhance the visibility of the students and of their work.
Rehearsals: Practice while wondering, "Is this performance entertaining? Will the audience like it?" Rehearsals are more directed practice sessions than reflective opportunities for learning.Rehearsals: Practice while wondering, "Are we sharing what we've learned in a way that others will understand (and be somewhat interested)?" Rehearsals are more learning experiences than opportunities for perfection.
Audience: There because they choose to be and are ready to be entertained.Audience: There because they are a part of the Wickliffe learning community. They're ready to see what their buddies have been learning and to practice being attentive to their buddies during the sharing.
Using individuals with the most skilled abilities and talent that fit the needs of the performance.Abilities and talent found within the group shape the sharing of the learning and learning process.
Town Meetings are an important piece of what makes Wickliffe, Wickliffe.

Town Meeting Dates

Below are the dates for the 2020-21 school year on Zoom webinars 
(More dates to be added)

Aug. 28 - Opening Town Meeting
Sept. 30 - 5th grade neighborhood
Nov. 18 - Mrs. Giles' 2nd/3rd grade class
Dec. 22 - Wickliffe Winter Sing Along
Jan. 26 - Mrs. Blair's 5th grade class

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