Your Voice Matters: Community Feedback

Decisions Phase Feedback Process
Community feedback is the most important element in the district's master planning process.
During the months of March and April, community members shared their thoughts on the initial findings of the Financial Advisory Board.
All of the community feedback was reviewed by the members of the Financial Advisory Board before they issued their final report with their recommendations on how to proceed with the master plan and the district's need for an operating levy.
  • Data Point No. 1: Community Engagement Session #5 Feedback
  • Data Point No. 2: Community Online Survey Feedback and Staff Online Survey Feedback
  • Data Point No. 3: Building Team Survey
  • Data Point No. 4: Facilities Task Force Survey
  • Data Point No. 5: Professional Phone Survey (including cellphones) conducted by Fallon Research and Communications April 10, 2017-April 17, 2017.
    • Phone Survey Results Crosstabs 

Options Phase Feedback Process

Community Feedback Process
The superintendent made a recommendation to the Board of Education on October 10, 2016, based on community feedback gathered from several key data points.  After two months of gathering feedback on that recommendation, the Board of Education voted to approve it.
 At the Building Team Summit on September 14, the superintendent introduced a sixth data point based on the need to collect community feedback on the new community-suggested options for Upper Arlington High School and Jones Middle School.   The sixth data point encompasses feedback collected at the summit and a new community-wide survey from Thursday, September 15, through Friday, September 30, on the new options for UAHS and Jones.
  • Data Point No. 1: Community Engagement Session #4 Feedback
  • Data Point No. 2: Building Team Feedback
    • Burbank Early Childhood School
    • Barrington Elementary School
    • Greensview Elementary School
    • Tremont Elementary School
    • Wickliffe Progressive School
    • Windermere Elementary School
    • Hastings Middle School
    • Jones Middle School
    • Upper Arlington High School
  • Data Point No. 3: Facilities Task Force Survey Feedback
  • Data Point No. 4: Community Survey Feedback and Staff Survey Feedback
  • Data Point No. 5:  Phone Survey Presentation to the Board of Education
  • Data Point No. 6: To view the Building Team Summit and community survey data, please view the Completed Data Points Summary. To read the comments on the new options for Jones and UAHS, please view the separate documents to the right.
    • Building Team Summit #2 Feedback
    • Jones and UAHS Community Survey Feedback

Additional Feedback

  • Building Tour Feedback - August 2, 2016 
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