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UA Hub

Upper Arlington Schools is expanding and enhancing the educational opportunities for students through the launch of the UA Hub beginning with the 2024-2025 school year. 

The UA Hub is a centralized destination for Upper Arlington’s high school and middle students interested in pursuing one of five new and innovative programs designed to prepare students for their futures and position them for success in this constantly changing world. Thanks to a grant from the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce, the UA Hub will be located in the newly renovated building at 1950 North Mallway Drive that previously housed the district office. The approximately $500,000 grant covered the costs of physical updates to the building, equipment purchases and teacher professional development for the programs. Students will experience a repurposed space focused on learning, flexibility and community.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs, please reach out to your school counselor or Matthew R. Jordan, incoming UA Hub principal.

College Jumpstart Network

The Upper Arlington College Jumpstart Network is designed for the student who wants to experience higher education during high school. Through a partnership with Columbus State Community College, students will be able to enroll in college-level courses, participate in dual enrollment courses on-site, and/or earn college credits prior to graduation. Students can earn 25 hours of college credit during their high school career — an estimated savings of $13,000 for students and their families. This program is truly for the student who wants to personalize their learning by getting a jumpstart on their college career.

Learn More About College Jumpstart

Semiconductor Program

Offered in partnership with Columbus State Community College and Intel, Upper Arlington’s Semiconductor Program is a catalyst for future workforce opportunities in the high-demand field of semiconductor manufacturing. This program provides students with College Credit Plus coursework in automation and process control — two key skills needed to launch careers as electro-mechanical technicians. These roles are highly desired by companies for their expertise in maintaining an array of high-tech mechanical, electro-mechanical, hydraulic, and automation systems.  

Learn More About the Semiconductor Program

UA Online Academy

With a physical home at the UA Hub, the UA Online Academy is a wonderful opportunity for students and families for whom the traditional in-person setting or schedule does not meet their current needs. The UA Online Academy is open to students in grades 6 through 12 who are currently enrolled in the Upper Arlington Schools. It gives families an option for their students to learn at home with a curriculum specifically created for online education and monitored by Upper Arlington teachers. Students who have been a part of the Online Academy are both challenged and very successful.

Learn More About the UA Online Academy

UC Early IT Program

This first-of-its-kind partnership with University of Cincinnati and the Past Foundation is a revolutionary educational experience that blurs the line between high school, college and the workforce while allowing students to gain experience and skills for high-value careers in informational technology. Students will emerge from the Early IT program with a full year of undergraduate coursework and, based on their performance, the opportunity to continue their education at the University of Cincinnati. Ultimately, this program serves as a jumpstart for students interested in developing the knowledge and skills to launch an IT career or continue on to college.   

Learn More About the UC Early IT Program

Upper Arlington Bridge

An alternative to the traditional school setting, the Upper Arlington Bridge is designed to meet the needs of students who would benefit from individualized support to achieve their academic and personal goals. This program integrates technology, personalized instruction and supportive relationships. It is staffed by full-time teachers in each of the core content areas as well as an intervention specialist, with support from a school-based mental health practitioner. The Bridge prioritizes flexibility, with the option of morning or afternoon session and the ability to take elective courses and participate in all aspects of student life at their home school.

Learn More about the Upper Arlington Bridge