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Quality Profile

We are proud to share with the entire community our 2023 Quality Profile, our annual accountability report that gives our community a clear and transparent look at what’s happening in our schools and with our students. As you’ll see, the Quality Profile is aligned to our 2019-2024 Strategic Plan, which identifies a focused set of priorities that support our position as a national leader in education and continue our focus on challenging and supporting every student, every step of the way.

Whole learning is our core business - academics. We are building on the district’s long-running philosophy of educating the whole child by providing rigorous academic content and real-world learning experiences that will give our students an even stronger foundation to serve, lead and succeed in life.

Student and staff well-being is critical to the success of our students. We are building on our strengths to foster a safe and inclusive environment where our students can thrive by focusing on two fundamental aspects of well-being: belonging and balance.

Continuous improvement is the foundation of the strategic plan. This is the idea of getting better at getting better — and, as you'll see in this document, it is threaded through everything we do. 

These priorities are all grounded in our mission, vision and values:

  • Our mission: Challenge and support every student, every step of the way

  • Our vision: Uniquely accomplished students prepared to serve, lead and succeed

  • Our values: Start with Heart, Strength in Team and Contagious Drive

We believe it is critically important to continue to provide our community with the Quality Profile to measure our progress toward our strategic priorities. If you have any suggestions, please complete the form available on this webpage.