Welcome to Chinese Club!

Learn a Language, Open a New World!

Experiencing Safe, Challenging, Joyful Classroom!
Learning Chinese together and growing up together!
Exploring China and Our World Around Us!
Build a communication bridge with China, the people, the potential.
Connect yourself with the future...

We are pleased to present Chinese Club for students at Hastings/Jones Middle School. Chinese Club helps younger learners start to get to 
know Chinese language learning and become more independent learners. 


Giving Kids A CAN DO Attitude!

Students will be able to
  • greet people in a polite way.
  • understand some simple questions on familiar topics and stories.
  • identify pictures of Chinese food.
  • talk about Me & My Friends in Our World.
  • talk about likes and dislikes
  • answer questions about preferences using one or more words or memorized phrases.
  • ask friends what they like to eat.

Visit Chinese Club website for updated information: http://chineseclub2014.wikispaces.com/(after you provide your email address, you will be invited to be a member of Chinese Club and be able to visit this website)

Chinese Club Advisor

Xiaoli Doty
Upper Arlington Chinese Teacher
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