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Does the district suggest that we create/use our own Apple ID for our student’s iPad?

We suggest that you do not create/use your own Apple ID. Our management tools will connect to our student information system (PowerSchool) and generate an Apple ID for each student that we are able to use to deploy educational content/apps to each iPad.

Families might have come away from their device pickup appointment with conflicting information about this. If you have already entered an Apple ID on your district-issued device, it will not prevent school-approved apps from being deployed to your device. However, any linking to other personal iOS devices (iPad/iPod/iPhone) will be synchronized to this device.

Can students/families add apps to the iPads?

Although parents do have the ability to add an Apple ID to the device and add apps, we strongly discourage this. We prefer that only apps added through the UA Schools App Portal by the district be located on the iPad.

It is important that students understand that these devices are for educational purposes, and by having only school-approved apps on the device, we will provide for a more focused classroom experience for both students and teachers. This also will allow families to limit use of the device at home to school-related purposes.

How are school-approved apps added to the iPad?

Each iPad has an icon for the UA Schools App Portal, which functions similarly to the App Store. Only district-approved apps will be available for download by students/families from the App Portal.

Teachers are also able to request apps for their class that the technology department will distribute to the iPads for those students.

My student’s App Portal is empty. When will apps be added to the App Portal?

Families will start to see apps appear in the App Portal by the week of August 29. Teachers will offer further guidance on which apps are going to be used in class.

How do I add parental restrictions to the device?

District staff will share with families the steps for adding parental restrictions.

When will 3rd graders get their Brenthaven bags if they didn't receive one at pickup on Saturday, August 20?

Brenthaven carrying bags will be delivered to students in their classrooms by the end of the week of August 29th.  

When should students begin bringing their device to school?

If you have not already heard from your principal or teacher, you will be receiving guidance from them on when to bring the device to school. 

Can I customize or embroider the bag I receive with my iPad?

Unfortunately, no. These are district-issued bags that we will use for other students in years to come. But you are welcome to purchase your own customized bag.

How can I keep my child safe online at home?

  • Talk with your child about the appropriate use of the Internet and what they post.

  • Have your child use and charge device in public rooms of the home.

  • has a lot of great ideas about Internet safety.

  • Some possible Internet filtering tools for home:

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