Barrington Elementary School

Renovate Option in the Facilities Master Plan

Current Site Plan (click to enlarge)

Barrington Elementary School current site aerial


Conceptual New Site Plan (click to enlarge) 

Conceptual Plan for a Renovate Option for Barrington Elementary School 

This conceptual plan for a renovated Barrington Elementary School: 

  • Renovates the educational spaces and replaces the aging building systems in the original 1939 and 1949 portions of the building;

  • Replaces the 1958 "pods" with a new classroom wing;

  • Retains the 2009 additions;

  • Creates a secure main entry; 

  • Preserves the exterior architectural character; and

  • Likely requires the temporary use of trailers during construction.

If Upper Arlington voters approve Issue 43 on November 7, the district would immediately launch a design phase that would involve any and all community members, staff and students who wish to participate in the design of the six school buildings in the first phase of the master plan. The district would also form a green team of community members to explore environmental best practices for the new or renovated buildings. Residents living in the closest proximity to the buildings would have the opportunity to join a neighbor committee used throughout the design and construction process to gather feedback and input on the project.

Construction would tentatively begin on a renovated Barrington Elementary School in early 2019.

A renovated Barrington Elementary School would tentatively open to students for the start of the 2020-2021 school year. 

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The Board of Education

Contact Information

Carol Mohr
Board President

Stacey Royer
Board Vice President


For more information, please contact the District Office at:

1950 North Mallway Drive
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221
 (614) 487-5000
  (614) 487-5012

Paul Imhoff

Andrew Geistfeld

1950 North Mallway Drive
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221
(614) 487-5000

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