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My family and I became part of the Upper Arlington family in 2013, and we quickly learned what has drawn people to this special place for so many years. It's more than the tree-lined streets and beautiful parks - it's a deep sense of community pride and cooperation.

While I am proud to be a member of this great community and a parent in this fantastic school district, I am humbled to serve as its superintendent. It is an honor to work with this fine group of educators as they make a positive impact in the lives of our students. I am invigorated by the thoughts of what is yet to come. Over the next few years, we will be laying the groundwork to build upon the district's tradition of excellence and reach even greater levels of achievement and opportunity for all students.

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Facilities Master Planning Process

During our first annual State of the Schools event in February, I announced the launch of our district’s facilities master planning process. During the next two years, we will involve our students, staff and the community in an effort to ensure we use our facility funds in the most efficient manner possible, thereby maximizing the resources available for the classroom.

This initiative stems from a recommendation by the Efficiency Task Force, a committee of volunteers with expertise in various areas of business. After several months of studying our financial documents and business practices, they prepared a report for the Board of Education that named our capital assets – namely our aging buildings – as their main area of concern. The report went on to say that an immediate focus on facilities costs “is essential to the long-term financial health of the district.”

We cannot let our facility costs endanger our educational program. We must protect our resources and tackle this concern using a data-driven, business-like approach.

We are assembling a community task force that will serve as an advisory and oversight team for the entire two-year process. Once that team is formed, we will move into the assessment phase, which will include a community dialogue about how well our buildings support modern educational goals. This phase will also include a detailed estimate of what it will cost to maintain these facilities for the next thirty years. There is no zero-cost option when it comes to aging buildings, and the cost of our current path is a critically important data point for determining the most efficient way to move forward.

The second phase will focus on solutions and alternative options. We will price out these options in the same way we estimate the long-term cost of operating our current facilities. Once all of that information is assembled, we will ask our community to engage with us in a dialogue around which option is best for the future of school district both financially and educationally.

In the third and final phase we will form yet another community task force. This group will be financial experts, and we will ask them to review the solution selected by the community and make recommendations on the best timeframe for implementation and the most prudent method of funding.

As we begin this long-term process, we must also tackle an immediate need at Tremont Elementary School. In the past five years, enrollment has grown from 534 students to nearly 600 students. In the next ten years enrollment is projected to climb to about 650. There is a definite need for more space, and we plan to begin an addition to Tremont as early as this summer. Thanks to the foresight of our community and Board of Education, a permanent improvement levy put in place in 2007 is able to cover the cost of this needed addition. In recent years, these funds have been used to address similar concerns at Greensview and Barrington.

As we look ahead, let’s work together to ensure we are taking the most efficient path with our facilities to protect our resources for the classroom. There will be many opportunities for community and staff engagement – please get involved as we plan for the future. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or (614) 487-5030.

Facilities Master Planning Timeline

Posted by Paul Imhoff in Efficiency on Wednesday February, 11, 2015

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