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My family and I became part of the Upper Arlington family in 2013, and we quickly learned what has drawn people to this special place for so many years. It's more than the tree-lined streets and beautiful parks - it's a deep sense of community pride and cooperation.

While I am proud to be a member of this great community and a parent in this fantastic school district, I am humbled to serve as its superintendent. It is an honor to work with this fine group of educators as they make a positive impact in the lives of our students. I am invigorated by the thoughts of what is yet to come. Over the next few years, we will be laying the groundwork to build upon the district's tradition of excellence and reach even greater levels of achievement and opportunity for all students.

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Personalizing Education and Planning for the Future

August is here, and the start of the school year is just a few short days away.  This will be my third year with Upper Arlington Schools, and I feel very fortunate to share in these exciting times for our schools and our community.

This fall, two major initiatives from our strategic plan will gain momentum.  First, as a part of our efficiency goal, we will ask the entire community to join us in a master planning process for all of our schools.  On average, our schools are more than 60 years old, and the ever-growing cost of maintaining aging facilities is becoming a threat to the district’s long-term financial health.  The master planning process is a chance for our entire community to come together and discuss the best use of our facilities funds and the future of our learning environments over the next 50 or 60 years.  This two-year process will be a major undertaking unlike anything done by a central Ohio school district before.  I hope all Upper Arlington residents will considering taking part in this process.  Your voice will directly impact the final plans.

The second major initiative comes from the personalization goal in our strategic plan.  We will begin rolling out a one-to-one technology program in grades six through twelve shortly before second semester.  The focus of this program isn’t on technology; the technology simply serves as a tool for our teachers to personalize their instruction to meet the needs and strengths of every student in the classroom.  The program will expand to our elementary students next year. 

Another big project on the horizon this school year is the addition to Tremont Elementary School.  Student enrollment at Tremont has been growing for several years and is projected to keep growing for another ten years.  Tremont students clearly need more space, and we simply cannot wait any longer. 

We have divided the Tremont project into two phases.  The first phase will take place this school year and create additional classroom spaces and a new media center.  The second phase will take place next school year and include a renovation of the music area, the transformation of the existing gymnasium into a multi-use cafeteria space, the conversion of the existing cafeteria into a main office with a secure entrance and the addition of a new gymnasium.  All of this work will be paid for with existing permanent improvement funds, just as we did with recent additions to Barrington and Greensview elementary schools.

The Tremont addition begins at the same time as plans are being developed to address immediate needs at nearby Northam Park.  For more than a year, the district has been in discussions with the city and the Upper Arlington Public Library regarding the aging infrastructure of the park as well as serious drainage problems that often leave the school fields unusable.  

City leaders and the Upper Arlington Community Foundation are also exploring the possibility of leveraging private funds to create additional community space in the area.  One option being discussed is having that community space attached to the new gymnasium that will be part of the second phase of construction at Tremont Elementary School.  I want to make two points very clear here.  First, while we have worked closely with the city and the foundation, before finalizing any plan that would add non-school space to a school building, we will work with parents and staff to research and address all issues regarding safety and security.  Second, school funds will only be used to construct the space needed by our students and to properly maintain the fields owned and used by our students.

This is an important and exciting time for our schools and our community.  We are introducing powerful new technology program that will allow our teachers to be on the leading edge of personalizing education.  We are embarking an unprecedented community-wide examination of our school buildings and the wise use of our facilities funds.  We are creating a learning environment at Tremont that will support the needs of our students.  And we are taking the much-needed steps to ensure Northam Park meets the needs of UA students and families for generations to come.

As always, if you have any questions about our schools, please feel free to contact me at (614) 487-5030 or

Posted by Paul Imhoff in Efficiency, Strategic Planning, Accountability on Wednesday August, 12, 2015 at 03:14PM

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