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My family and I became part of the Upper Arlington family in 2013, and we quickly learned what has drawn people to this special place for so many years. It's more than the tree-lined streets and beautiful parks - it's a deep sense of community pride and cooperation.

While I am proud to be a member of this great community and a parent in this fantastic school district, I am humbled to serve as its superintendent. It is an honor to work with this fine group of educators as they make a positive impact in the lives of our students. I am invigorated by the thoughts of what is yet to come. Over the next few years, we will be laying the groundwork to build upon the district's tradition of excellence and reach even greater levels of achievement and opportunity for all students.

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Assessments to Pinpoint Long-term Costs of Maintaining Aging Facilities

This is an incredibly important time for our schools and our community.  We are beginning an unprecedented process to ensure we have a wise, long-term financial plan in place for our facilities and that our learning environments are appropriate for today’s students and generations of students to come.  This two-year planning process is a major undertaking unlike anything done by a central Ohio school district before.  Hundreds of community members have already joined in the process, and I’m hoping you will too.  Your voice matters! 

The facilities master planning process began with our commitment to financial efficiency.  As we started to develop our new strategic plan in the spring of 2014, we asked a team of Upper Arlington residents with expertise in the business world to review our operations and make recommendations on ways we could become more financially efficient.  They provided great insight in many areas but identified the cost of maintaining our aging buildings as their main area of concern.  In fact, they said this area of focus was “essential to the long-term health of the district” and encouraged the district to engage the community in a comprehensive planning process. 

After several months of preparation, we are excited that it’s time to get down to work with our community.  Earlier this fall we sent a postcard to all residents inviting them to learn more about the process.  We held two community discussion sessions in the second week of September.  We also formed nine teams of volunteers - one for each of our academic buildings.  They have been digging into the current state of our schools.  They have journeyed through all parts of the schools and called on their own personal experiences to help us create a more robust understanding of the positives and the challenges in each facility.  

The next step for the building teams is reviewing two professional assessments of our facilities.  The first was conducted by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, which examined how our buildings match up to current state standards.  The second assessment is being conducted by local firms Moody Nolan and Turner Construction.  They are building on the OFCC work by verifying numbers and adding data on spaces for the performing arts, athletics and other things that fall outside of the OFCC scope of work.

These assessments are critically important.  They create a comprehensive picture of where we are and what we will need to do over the next 15 just to keep our buildings as they are.  There is no zero-cost option when it comes to school buildings, and these assessments will show us the real costs.

If you’d like to learn more about these assessments, I invite you to join us in November for our second community discussion session on facilities.  We will explain the process used in each assessment and then provide an overview of the findings for each building.  Following the presentation, community members will have an opportunity to dig deeper into the results and provide their thoughts and feedback.  We will have both an evening option and a morning option for this discussion session to accommodate as many schedules as possible.  Watch for more information coming in the mail and posted on our website,  

Your voice matters, and I hope you will join us on this very important journey by attending the community discussion sessions or joining a building team.  As always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me at (614) 487-5030 or

Posted by Paul Imhoff in Efficiency, Strategic Planning, Academics on Wednesday October, 7, 2015 at 11:33AM

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