Starcraft Club

This club is dedicated to the Real Time Strategy (RTS) Game known as Starcraft. Often compared to chess, the objective of the game is to defeat the forces of your opponent(s) by using the unique skills and abilities of your own units while simultaneously taking advantage of missteps of your opponents. However, unlike chess, in Starcraft, one moves all the pieces simultaneously, rather than at one time. This create situations in which a player must be able to act quickly and decisively.

At Starcraft Club we will attempt to improve our skills in the game (ie. enhanced problem solving skills, improved typing speed, and improved situational awareness/decisiveness to name a few). We will also play Starcraft and discuss strategies. We would also like to participate in the High School Starleague which is a competitive Starcraft league for North American High Schools.

Meeting days/time: Fridays 3:05-4:00
Meeting location: Room 147
Advisor: Mr. Lampe

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1950 North Mallway Drive
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221
(614) 487-5000

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