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Subscription Databases
Research resources for students in grades K-5. Password protected when at home, see your media specialist for assistance.

World Book Kids (from
Online encyclopedia for students in grades K-2.  Password protected when at home, see your media specialist for assistance.

World Book Student (from
Online encyclopedia for students in grades 3-5.  Password protected when at home, see your media specialist for assistance.

Britannica School
Online encyclopedia for students in grades K-5.  Password protected when at home, see your media specialist for assistance.

Britannica Image Quest
Online database of over 3 million images that are safe and appropriate for school projects for students in grades K-5.  Password protected when at home, see your media specialist for assistance.

BrainPOP Jr.
Animated educational site featuring movies, quizzes, and other interactive games in all subject areas for students in grades K-2. Password protected when at home, see your media specialist for assistance.

Animated educational site featuring movies, quizzes, and other interactive games in all subject areas for students in grades 3-5. Password protected when at home, see your media specialist for assistance.

SIRS Discoverer
Online magazines, newspaper articles, research databases.  Resources can be sorted by reading level for students in grades K-5.

Upper Arlington Public Library

Upper Arlington Public Library
With a library card, students can access the public library's online research databases from home or school.  With a library card and email, students can reserve materials online and download ebooks.

Click here to access the public library's digital collection.

Click here to apply for an Upper Arlington Public Library card. 


View the art of over 8,000 artists.

NGA Kids
Cool kid activities and projects from the National Gallery of Art.

Picturing America
Masterpieces of American Art with innovative lesson plans focusing on social studies and visual literacy. The Tremont Media Center has large print copies of all of the art featured on this site.


Computer Science


Code Studio
Perfect for those who are new to coding.

Hour of Code 
Tutorials for beginners and those who know some coding.


For coders interested in making their own games.


Swift Playgrounds


Online Collaboration Sites




Digital Citizenship

Copyright & Citing Your Sources

Noodle Tools
This subscription site will help you create a bibliography or works cited page, and is used by all schools in Upper Arlington City Schools K-12.  See your media specialist for more information.


Media Literacy & Internet Safety

Media Literacy is the ability to access, interpret, evaluate and communicate information delivered in a variety of medium formats.

Commonsense Media
Website with a wide variety of resources for parents, educators, and students K-12 helping kids to safely navigate the world of media and technology.

Media Smarts
Canada's Centre for Digital and Media Literacy provides resources to help young people develop critical thinking skills and to engage with media as active and informed digital citizens.

Digital Images

Britannica Image Quest
Online database of over 3 million images that are safe and appropriate for school projects for students in grades K-5.  Password protected when at home, see your media specialist for assistance.

Pics 4 Learning
Copyright-friendly free images for educational use. 

Classroom Clip Art
When using an image on a web page the image must include this link "Image Provided by Classroom Clipart" or "Clipart provided by Classroom Clipart."


Dance Mat Typing
This fun site from the BBC teaches children correct keyboarding skills.


Keyboarding Zoo


Language Arts

Digital Reading

Storyline Online
Streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations.

Listen and read.  Storybooks, e-books, videos, games, and more.  For students PreK-3rd.
All Ohio K-3 students and their parents, as well as K-3 educators, can use the state-funded INFOhio Resources free-of-charge.  Password protected when at home, see your media specialist for assistance.

Epic! is a digital library for kids in grades K-5.  Parents can sign up for an account or students can sign in with a class code from their teacher.

Tumble Books
Online book collection with animated stories from a variety of popular children's book publishers.

Starfall is a children's website that teaches basic English reading and writing skills. The main demographic is preschoolers, and kindergarteners.


Book Blogs

These blogs review and recommend books for students grades K-5.  They are written by well-respected educators specializing in children's literature.

 Mr. Schu

A Year of Reading

Nerdy Book Club

Pernille Ripp

We Need Diverse Books


School Library Journal

Colby Sharp


Makerspace Resources


Fishy Count
A fun counting game from the commercial site PrimaryGames.

Give the Dog a Bone
Can you find 10 hidden bones in the 100's chart?

Splat Square
Use this noisy site for number indentification.

A+ Math
Math games, flashcards and a homework helper.

AAA Math
Kindergarten through eighth-grade math problems.

Click On Bricks
A nifty site that uses building bricks to teach multiplication

Funbrain Math Arcade

Funbrain Number Games

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
From Utah State University.

Ask Numbers
This site will help you do many different kinds of unit conversions.

Totally Tessellated
Have fun with tessellations!

Interactive Math Games from Oswego City School District


Children's Songs & Lyrics
Another terrific music site where you can hear the music and sing the lyrics to popular children's songs.

San Francisco Symphony Kids' Site

Sphinx Kids! Classical Music


PE & Wellness
This wonderful site has top-quality, reliable information, games and quizzes for many health and nutrition topics. Information for kids, teen, parents and teachers.


General Science

Harcourt School Publishers
Science sites that support Ohio's science standards

Really cool online activities and exhibits from the San Francisco Exploratorium Science Museum.

The WHY Files
Science, math and technology news for childeren from the University of Wisconsin.

Magic School Bus
Science games and activities featuring Ms. Frizzle and her students, from Scholastic. Kids
Fascinating science news and great challenging games and puzzles. Teachers should be sure to click on the "Teacher Zone" link.

TERRA: The Nature of Our World
These fabulous video podcasts are created by the Science & Natural History Filmmaking program at Montana State University.


Earth & Space Science - The Universe

Star Child
An excellent site sponsored by NASA containing both primary and intermediate level space information.

Another excellent children's site sponsored by NASA, for grades K-4.

Moon Phases
From Star Child


Conservation of Resources & Recycling

EEK! Recycling and Beyond
From the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources.

Eeko World
From PBS Kids (Flash plug-in required).

Waste Information
Excellent conservation tips and hazardous waste information from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Planet Protectors Club
Another excellent site from the U.S. EPA with activities and games.



Landforms from Enchanted Learning

A commercial site with color photographs of the world's landforms.

Color Landform Atlas of the United States


Rocks & Soil

Rock Hounds
Get your hard hats on and go digging for some fun and facts!



Biomes of the World & Water Ecosystems
Click on either freshwater or marine ecosystems, from the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Water Science for Schools
From the United States Geological Survey.

Drinking and Ground Water for Kids
From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Aquifer Virtual Field Trip



Web Weather for Kids
Based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation.

Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page
Created by meteorologist Dan Satterfield.

USA Today Weather

The Weather Channel

Weather Underground


General Animal Information

Animal Diversity Web
An excellent online animal encyclopedia from the University of Michigan with a challenging reading level. Type your animal's name in the search box.

Reliable pet care information.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Searchasaurus and Kids Search
Click on "Animals."
These sites are available through INFOhio. When you use these sites from school computers you will not need a password. If you want to use these sites from your home computer you will need the INFOhio passwords. Ask your librarian for a bookmark containing the INFOhio passwords.

A commercial site with information and photos of over 4800 North American animals and plants.

Exploring Nature
A commercial site created by Sheri Amsel.

National Geographic Kids

Information on over 200 North American animals.

Ranger Rick
The Wildlife Library has information on many animals.



All About Birds



All About Butterflies
From Enchanted Learning

Let's Talk About Insects
From the University of Illinois Extension

Bug Guide
Hosted by the Iowa State University Entomology



What's That Snake?
This interesting site helps identify 30 kinds of snakes found in Ohio. Includes myths and truths about snakes.


Life Science - Biomes

From Enchanted Learning

Biomes of the world from the Missouri Botanical Garden.

From the World Willdlife Fund.


Life Science - Plants

Biology of Plants
An excellent site from the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Plant Adaptations
From the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Great Plant Escape
An interactive site from the University of Illinois.

What Tree Is It?
A dichotomous key that will help you identify trees.


Social Studies

American History

America's Story
An excellent site created by the Library of Congress.

American Memory Project
Another wonderful site created by the Library of Congress. Look at primary sources from our nation's past.

EyeWitness - History Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It
Click on "index" to see the list of eyewitness accounts from many different time periods.

Pioneer Webquest

The First Thanksgiving



American Fact Finder
From the US Census Bureau

Culture Grams - available via the Upper Arlington Public Library.  Students will need either their own library card, or the Greensview UAPL e-card.  

Culture Quest World Tour
From the Internet Public Library

Birthday Traditions From Around the World
A commercial site

Kids Web Japan
A commercial site

Culture Grams (Accessed through the UA Public Library)
Students will need their UA Public Library card number to access this terrific site. Features photos, recipes, customs, lifestyle, and government info for 190 countries - plus a Kids Edition and a States Edition.



The Bakery Shop
An online video game developed by OSU and the Ohio Council on Economic Educatoion.

Virtual Factory Tours
This site, designed for home schooled children contains some excellent links for showing factors of production.

Kids Eco Posters - Literature Connections
A terrific list of chldren's trade books with economic connections. Searchable by economic concept and lexile.

An online economics education game from ThinkQuest.


Elections and Government

PBS Kids Democracy Project

Ben's Guide for Kids to U.S. Government for Grades K-2
A U.S. Government web site for children.

Ben's Guide for Kids to U.S. Government for Grades 3-5
A U.S. Government web site for children.

FirstGov for Kids
Links to many government sites.

iCivics prepares young Americans to become knowledgeable, engaged 21st century citizens by creating free and innovative educational materials.

Congress For Kids
Interactive presentations, games and quizzes about the history of the federal government. From the Dirksen Congressional Center.

Annenberg Classroom
Resources for civics education for grade 5 up. Includes podcasts, lesson plans, timelines and videos on the Constitution and branches of government.



Mariner's Museum Age of Exploration
An excellent site that was developed with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Explorers from Enchanted Learning
Brief biographical information about some explorers.

Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga
From the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.



Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today
A terrific commercial site from Scholastic. Read and hear the true stories of both recent and past immigrants.

Ellis Island
See if your ancestors came through Ellis Island!


Maps & Geography

Online Maps from Scott Foresman
Printable outline maps of major geographical regions.

Geography Activities from Enchanted Learning

USA Geography Games and Tutorials from Sheppard Software - Mac Version
This web site links to All About the United States. Sometimes the Mac versions will not automatically pop up. Look at the top of the window and find "Mac Users - If games are not working, click here".

World Geography Games and Tutorials from Sheppard Software - Mac Version
This web site links to world Geography Games. Sometimes the Mac version will not automatically pop up. Look at the top of the window and find "Mac Users - If games are not working, click here."

USA Geography Games & Tutorials from Sheppard Software - PC Version

World Geography Games & Tutorials from Sheppard Software - PC Version



Ohio History Central
An online encyclopedia from the Ohio Historical Society covering Ohio's natural, prehistory and history.

Ohio Historical Society

Ohio Memory Project
An online collection of primary sources about Ohio History.

Famous Ohioans
Information about famous Ohio women, presidents, inventors, Indians and astronauts.

Ohio Quickfacts
Up-to-date population statistics for Ohio from the U.S. Census Bureau

What's the Point?
An interactive site about Ohio's prehistoric people and their flint artifacts.

One State - Many Nations: Native Americans of Ohio
From the PBS series.

Ohio Trek
Designed for 3rd & 4th grade students, this interactive site includes the following topics: My Community, Farm Life, Producing Toys, Mound Builders, Underground Railroad and Cultural Groups.

Discover Ohio
Ohio Office of Tourism
The State of Ohio's government website.

American FactFinder
United States Census Bureau


State Information

Stately Knowledge
Facts about the United States from the Internet Public Library.

Explore the States
From the U.S. Census Bureau.


Upper Arlington & Communities

City of Upper Arlington
The official website for the City of Upper Arlington.

UA Archives
Terrific primary documents from Upper Arlington's past. 

Kids & Community
Welcome to the website for exploring communities. Includes classroom and online activities.

From Ohio History Central

From Ohio History Central

Columbus Neighborhoods
Excellent videos featuring Columbus neighborhoods such as Franklinton, Downtown Columbus and German Village.

Columbus Memory
Columbus Memory is a collaborative project between the Columbus Metropolitan Library and the Columbus Historical Society providing access to thousands of images, primary documents, maps and artifacts about Columbus, Ohio.


U.S. Colonial Period & Revolutionary War

Colonial Williamsburg
An excellent site created by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Click on "Kid Zone" for quality information about Colonial life.

American Revolutionary War
From the National Park Service.

Road to Revolution
An online game from PBS about the U.S. Revolutionary War.

Benjamin Franklin
A great site from the Franklin Institute Online.


Symbols of the United States

Symbols of U.S. Government
From Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

Symbols of America
A commercial site with an online quiz.

Whitehouse 101
Facts about the White House, fun games, quizzes and images of the president's pets!

Symbols of the USA from Enchanted Learning


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