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UAHS Cum Laude Society welcomes 100 new inductees

A large group of Cum Laude Society inductees posing in a gymnasiumThe Upper Arlington chapter of the Cum Laude Society, supported by the Dr. Charles Wade Moulton Fund of the Upper Arlington Education Foundation, welcomed 100 new inductees from the Classes of 2024 and 2025 in April. They join 44 current seniors from the Class of 2024 who are already members.

This is the highest academic recognition a high school student can achieve on a national level. The society was established in 1906 to recognize academic excellence, justice and honor. It was modeled after Phi Beta Kappa.

These students represent the top 10 percent of the junior class and top 20 percent of the senior class, with higher than a 4.15 GPA. 

Current MembersA large group of Cum Laude Society inductees posing in a gymnasium
Joshua A.
Isabel B.
Cooper B.
Noé B.
Marcus B.
Shira B.
Emma B.
Eleanor B.
Benjamin C.
Harrison C.
John C.
Warren D.
Leo D.
Michael G.
Philip G.
Saumya G.
Samuel H.
Ashley H.
Aviva H.
Max H.
Wendy J.
Hessel K.
Sophie L.
Ezra L.
Yonghao L.
Margaret M.
John M.
Haley M.
Avery M.
Sebastien N.
Yesol O.
Elizabeth O.
Adelaide P.
Margaret R.
Zachary R.
Emily S.
Elaina S.
Luca S.
Cynthia S.
Kevin W.
Lucas X.
Natalie Y.
Fred Z.
Grace Z.

Senior Inductees
Ali A.
Andrew A.
Brian B.
Sophia B.
Abigail B.
John B.
Emma B.
Ines B.
Reid C.
Thomas C.
Lilah C.
Fabi C.
Audrey D.
Olivia E.
Maria F.
Isaac F.
Claire G.
James G.
Cora H.
Hannah H.
Austin J.
Grant J.
Caroline K.
Charles K.
Grant K.
Aiden L.
Gabriel L.
Patrick M.
Sienna M. C.
Connor M.
Katherine M.
Sophia M.
Magdalena N.
Jachin O.
Jack P.
Scarlet P.
Jared R.
Lillian R.
Isabella R.
Karoline S.
Merin S.
Sophia S.
William S.
Aubrey S.
Teagan T.
Kathryn T.
Keomorokat V.
Rhys Y.
Liam Y.

Junior Inductees
Caroline A.
Bishishta A.
Abree A.
Margo B.
Rohan B.
Henry B.
Austin B.
Vivian B.
Caden B.
John C.
Bennett D.
Noah D.
Jenna E.
Liam H.
Maxwell H.
Katherine H.
Emerson H.
Joonhyun K.
Rae L.
Grayson L.
Lauren L.
Logan M.
Lucy M.
Elizabeth M.
Dean M.
Meredith M.
Margaret M.
Jason M.
Marley N.
Julia O.
Sam O.
Ashton O.
Piper P.
Charles P.
William P.
Isabella P.
Claire R.
Madeline R.
Jordin R.
Harry S.
Benjamin S.
Kyle S.
Selis T.
Nicholas U.
Brooke V.
Gabrielle V. E.
James W.
Brogan W.
Yuhan Z.
Lola Z.

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