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Treasurer's Notes: Master plan projects remain on budget and on schedule

This is an exciting time for our community as we begin to see the first signs of construction on the first phase of the community-developed master plan. As the master plan construction phase begins, it’s important to note that all six projects remain on budget and on schedule.

Over the past few months, the projects have gone out to bid for final pricing. During the month of May, the bids for all six projects in the first phase of the master plan will be finalized, and construction will be underway shortly thereafter on all sites except Windermere, where work will begin in the spring of 2020.  

As a reminder, there is no mechanism to go over budget — the budget is the budget. 

Our district’s growing enrollment also continues to be a factor in our planning for the future. The new and renovated schools in the first phase of the master plan have all been designed to provide additional space for our growing enrollment. In the event that growth exceeds projections, each project has been designed to have a logical place for a classroom addition, if needed. 

The enrollment projections as of October 2018 indicate districtwide growth of approximately 1,250 students, or 20 percent, in the next 10 years. We will continue to monitor enrollment growth by updating enrollment projections annually.

For a deeper look at enrollment growth and district finances, I encourage you to look over our 2018-2019 Financial Update. Providing clear and transparent communication about the state of the district’s finances is one of our major commitments to the community, and we are pleased to provide residents with this report, which is meant to offer a clear and concise look at our district’s finances and other topics that might affect our financial future.

If you have any questions about our district’s finances, please feel free contact me at treasurer@uaschools.org.

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