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Katie Falkenberg, UAHS Class of 1999

Alumni Spotlight: Katie Falkenberg

I went to Warren Wilson College, a small liberal-arts school in the mountains of North Carolina, where I worked on the college farm and majored in studio art. My dad was a photojournalist, so I grew up around photography all of my life and was always interested in it. It wasn’t until my senior year of college that I realized I had a stronger passion for it than anything else and that I wanted to try to make a career out of it. I graduated in 2003, and after a season as a wrangler on a cattle ranch in Wyoming, and a couple of internships at a newspaper and news service, I began my career freelancing in Washington, D.C., covering the White House and Capitol Hill. I eventually landed on the staff of The Washington Times, where I continued to cover politics, but also national and international stories. In 2011, I was offered a job at the Los Angeles Times and have been here ever since. In 2017 I was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in Feature Photography for a photo essay from Brazil titled, “Motherhood in the Time of Zika.”
How did UA Schools prepare you for success? 
UA Schools taught me the importance of discipline and hard work, both in academics as well as in athletics. In high school, the wide range of classes offered, particularly of art classes, helped me find my strengths and passions. Mr. Scott Wittenburg, whom I took photography classes from, taught us the foundations of photography, the technical aspects as well as the aesthetics, but also encouraged us and gave us the freedom to experiment and hone our eye and personal style. I took that with me into my college photo classes, as well as into my career.  

College/career experience

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