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Tremont Families update April 30, 2022

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Hi Tremont Families! 

Can you believe there are just 20(ish) days left of our school year!? Time is truly flying and it seems like there is finally some spring weather around the corner. We are looking forward to all the fun activities on their way in May and can’t wait to see all our little lions on Monday. 

  1. Updates from Communications

    • Listen, Learn Lead engagement process

    • Please include the following in your family and staff newsletters between now and Wednesday, May 11:

    • During the month of March, the Board of Education launched a community engagement process to listen, learn and lead in an effort to help our schools and our community be the best they can be. 

    • The next step in the Listen Learn Lead community engagement process is an online survey based on the themes that emerged from roundtable discussions in March on five topic areas stemming from the district’s strategic plan: our district’s strengths; whole learning (academics); student and staff well-being; finances; and communications.  

    • The survey is open to parents, community members, staff members and students through Wednesday, May 11. The survey will take approximately five minutes to complete.

    • You can click here to begin the Listen Learn Lead online survey.

    • For more information on the process, please visit our Listen, Learn, Lead webpage.

  2. A Note from Leslie Hancock

     In May, my first-grade class is going to end the year with a service-learning project on Stroke Awareness. May is stroke awareness month and we will be working with The Dempsey Center at Riverside Hospital. This is very special to me because I am a stroke survivor. Last year on May 27th, I suffered an ischemic stroke. There was a moment near the end of the school day that my tongue went heavy, and I had slurred speech and couldn't form the words I wanted to say. It was bizarre but subsided within about 20 seconds. After dismissal, I found myself dropping things from my left hand, which is unusual, especially since I'm left-handed. 

    On the way to the hospital, my husband Griffin noticed the left side of the face was beginning to droop. Riverside admitted me quickly to begin treatment. My blood clot dissolved on its own quickly during my hospital stay which amazed my doctors and the blood flow began working again remarkably fast. My heart scans and blood work all came back good. Riverside developed a comprehensive diagnostic report and determined that my stroke was cryptogenic which means the cause is unknown. My symptoms resolved without any residual effects which is such a miracle. I continue to live a healthy life and make sure to rest and relax whenever I can.

    I hope to raise awareness of the signs of stroke to help others know what to look for in case someone experiences some of the same symptoms I did. Time is very important for a stroke and minutes can make a difference for recovery. My first-grade class will learn about the brain and how to make heart healthy choices to keep our bodies strong. We will learn about stroke and its symptoms to be able to share with the entire school and community through Good Morning Tremont. Our P.E. teachers are collaborating with us to teach the stroke symptoms to Tremont students during P.E. classes. We’ll continue to raise awareness as a school at the Tremont Marathon on May 16 with BE FAST armbands. We will become Stroke Superheroes who know the symptoms and can remind others about them to help save a life! 

    If you would like to make a monetary donation for The Dempsey Center at Riverside Hospital you can visit their website. At the top you will find the Make a Gift tab. On the designation section find Other and designate Dempsey Center in the blank box. The Dempsey Center has amazing programs and provide support for stroke survivors and their families. I hope to continue to do outreach with the Dempsey Center because of the important work they do for families affected by stroke. They were a great resource for me and my family.

Thanks for your support! 


Leslie Hancock