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Community Service Hours

Welcome to x2VOL (Time to Volunteer)!
Each year, JMS students are required to complete 5 hours of community service. Community service is voluntary work completed in order to support another person, group of people, or organization. The following organizations participated in our September 2022 Service Learning Fair and welcome JMS student volunteers:
  • Packing for the Streets         

  • Heart to Heart Pantry         

  • Columbus Marathon

  • UA Libraries                  

  • Barrington Clown Around         

  • JMS Interact Club

  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital      

  • Beehive Alliance       

  • Tremont Fall Festival

  • Haxton Regatta                  

  • Gerlach Senior Center         

  • After School All-Stars

If you are getting paid to do a job, it is not community service! Community service is voluntarily giving your time and energy to support others. Doing chores or jobs around your house is not considered community service!

Examples of community service include the following:

  • Working at a school event such as Packing for the Streets, Barrington Clown Around, or Tremont Fall Festival

  • Volunteering at a community event such as the Labor Day arts festival, the Columbus Marathon, Komen Race for the Cure, or opportunities provided through your religious institution

  • Volunteering with an organization such as the Humane Society, Mid-Ohio Food Bank, Homeless Families Foundation, Tremont Public Library, etc.

  • Supporting a family in need due to illness or other hardship by things like cooking a meal for the family, doing yard work, or babysitting so they can take care of themselves and have a break.

Examples that would not count for Community Service Hours:

  • Having a babysitting job and not getting paid

  • Volunteering for your own family members

  • Running in a 5K for a cause (the service is helping behind the scenes to make the race happen)

  • Helping a teacher in their classroom

  • All political activities must be non-partisan (i.e., working for the League of Women Voters or Get Out the Vote, NOT - working for a specific campaign for a candidate)
  • Religious activities count with the exceptions of teaching or preaching.

Community service hours support the mission of the Upper Arlington School District by engaging students in meaningful volunteer opportunities which enrich the learning experience while teaching civic responsibility and strengthening communities. Our vision is to develop uniquely accomplished students prepared to serve, lead, and succeed. 

By performing community service, students take skills they have learned in the classroom outside the classroom walls. Being involved in their communities and serving others provides students a sense of purpose and helps them make informed decisions about potential career exploration pathways. Community service challenges students to engage in meaningful, authentic learning experiences.

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