COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Updates

Updated March 25, 2022

In accordance with updated guidance from the Ohio Department of Health, schools will no longer maintain a separate system for parents and guardians to report student cases of COVID-19.  With this in mind, our schools will no longer be sending COVID-19 notification emails or updating the weekly active case count on the COVID-19 website dashboard.  Upper Arlington Schools will continue to collaborate with local public health officials, and the Medical Advisory Team on an as-needed basis, and to share the local case numbers available through the COVID-19 Analytics and Target Surveillance (CATS) partnership with the Ohio State University College of Public Health.

Archived COVID-19 Board of Education Resolutions

August 10, 2021 Board of Education masking resolution (preK-grade 8) — extended on September 3, 2021, the Board of Education to the high school beginning Tuesday, September 7

COVID-19 Resources

Families may complete this form and contact the school nurse to coordinate pickup of a free COVID-19 rapid test kit to administer at home to their student.
This document walks you through the steps of administering an at-home rapid test kit.


High School 
Laurie Long, RN
(614) 487-5278
[email protected]
Lisa Fleege, BSN, RN
(614) 487-5100, ext 4003
[email protected]
Jane Mead, M.Ed., RN, LSN
(614) 487-5091
[email protected] 
Joshua Bower, BSN, RN, LSN
District COVID Nurse Coordinator 
(614) 487-5180, ext 5003
[email protected]
Kerri Hart, RN, BSN, LSN
(614) 487-5050, ext 5517
[email protected]
Ruth Sacolick, RN
(614) 487-5170, ext 6003
[email protected]
Wickliffe and Windermere 
Janice Walsh, RN
Wickliffe Phone: (614) 487-5150, ext 6536 
Wickliffe Email: [email protected]
Windermere Phone: (614) 487-5060, ext 7003
Windermere Email: [email protected]
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