Gifted Services

The Upper Arlington Schools Department of Student Services is committed to supporting every student, every step of the way. We believe ALL students possess unique strengths, and we are wholeheartedly committed to building upon each child’s gifts in a caring and supportive manner. We value the close collaboration of both parents and staff members to design individualized educational programs that maximize student success. Above all, we are committed to the implementation of evidence-based strategies that research has shown works best for students with exceptional needs.

Our Gifted Services Program, part of the Department of Student Services, is an integral part of our K-12 academic program. The Gifted Services Program provides gifted and talented students in the Upper Arlington Schools with a rigorous curriculum to stretch their thinking and develop to their fullest potential.

While there is no single profile that fits all gifted children, typically these students demonstrate the following characteristics well before their chronological peers: 

  • acquire knowledge quickly;

  • manipulate knowledge easily;
  • see relationships between discrete pieces of information;
  • understand knowledge at a complex level;
  • are capable of abstractions and generalizations;
  • show perseverance;
  • are independent in thought and judgment;
  • are curious about many problems and issues; and
  • are motivated by the unknown.

While these characteristics are seen in other students, gifted students demonstrate them well before their chronological peers. Due to these qualities, students who are gifted need unique and diverse opportunities to meet their educational needs. 

This document summarizes information about gifted identification and the services provided to eligible students.
This guide contains answers to frequently asked questions about gifted identification procedures and gifted services.


Jaclyn Angle, Ed.D.
Chief Student Services Officer

Andrew Gillespie
Assistant Director of Student Services

Jeanne Beaver
Gifted Services Coordinator
[email protected]

Cynthia Ballheim
International Baccalaureate & Advanced Placement Coordinator

Melea Wachtman
Program Secretary for Student Services

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