Special Education

Our Student Services Department is committed to supporting “every student, every step of the way.” We believe ALL students possess unique strengths, and we are wholeheartedly committed to building upon each child’s gifts in a caring and supportive manner. We value the close collaboration of both parents and staff members to design individualized educational programs that maximize student success. Above all, we are committed to the implementation of evidence-based strategies that research has shown works best for students with exceptional needs.

Our Special Education Program, part of the Student Services Department, is an integral part of our K-12 academic program. Approximately 17% of Upper Arlington Schools students have been identified with a disability. We are committed to providing each and every student with special needs the specially designed services and instruction to prepare them for their futures. The district provides students with disabilities a free and appropriate education and follows state and federal guidelines for students with disabilities.

A special education coordinator is assigned to each school and is available to respond to any questions or concerns regarding a child’s educational placement.


Students With Disabilities

The federal government, through legislation entitled Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), states that a child with a disability means a school-age child who has been evaluated and determined to have one of the following disabilities that adversely affects the child's educational performance and who therefore needs special education and related services.

Students eligible for special education services may be eligible under the following disability categories:

  • Autism

  • Deafness and blindness

  • Emotional disturbance

  • Hearing impairment (including deafness)

  • Intellectual disability

  • Multiple disabilities

  • Orthopedic impairment

  • Other health impairment (minor or major)

  • Preschooler with a developmental delay (ages 3-5 only)

  • Specific learning disability

  • Speech or language impairment

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Visual impairment (including blindness)

The law also requires Upper Arlington Schools to provide services to preschool age students (ages three to five) with disabilities living within the Upper Arlington school district if they are at least three years of age and not age six, have a disability demonstrated by a documented deficit in one or more areas of development, which has an adverse effect upon normal development and functioning. Please contact Burbank Early Childhood School at 614-487-5155 if you have questions about special education services for preschool age students.

Contact information

Jaclyn Angle, Ed.D.
Chief Student Services Officer

Andrew Gillespie
Assistant Director of Student Services

David Boso
Special Education Coordinator
Barrington Elementary School and Jones Middle School

Steve Colahan
Special Education Coordinator
Hastings Middle School and Upper Arlington High School

Andrea Fabbro
Special Education Coordinator
Greensview and Wickliffe Progressive elementary schools

Teresa Marohn
Special Education Coordinator
Tremont and Windermere elementary schools

Kelly Merullo
Program Secretary
[email protected]

1619 Zollinger Road
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221
Phone: (614) 487-5197

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