UA Online Academy

UA Online Academy


For the 2020-2021 school year, Upper Arlington Schools will be offering a K-12 online learning opportunity through the UA Online Academy. The UA Online Academy is our online alternative to the school-based learning pathway during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Online Academy gives parents an option for their students to learn at home with a curriculum specifically created for online education and fully guided, monitored and supported by Upper Arlington teachers. 
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Schedule benefits
Students have the opportunity to select the Online Academy for the 2020-21 school year. The Online Academy will not be synchronous with classrooms in the traditional setting.
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Academic benefits
This 100% digital instruction program allows families to opt into a curriculum designed specifically for online learning. This program offers students the opportunity to learn five days a week, and they can work ahead at their own pace, with flexibility in their schedule. Students will have multiple layers of support for instruction.
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The Online Academy students will have access to a full complement of classes to create continuity of learning throughout the year. 
For a full list of Online Academy High School course offerings, please click here
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Learning platform
Instruction will be provided through computer-based programs and teacher-created lessons. Students will have a digital content platform or platforms for courses along with teacher connections through Canvas, Zoom, and other district resources. 

Students will use Accelerate, Acellus (electives), Apex, and Edgenuity depending on the course. To see high school Online Academy course platforms click here. You can also see a sample Edgenuity math lesson and a sample Acellus elective lesson.

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Instructional delivery will be supported by Upper Arlington teachers. A student will either have a content or monitoring teacher assigned to support their course.

All core courses will have a content teacher (a teacher who is supporting a course that is within their area of licensure) or an Intervention Specialist.
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Academic support
Intervention Specialists and Gifted Intervention Specialists will be assigned to the Online Academy in order to provide supports for students on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or a Written Education Plan (WEP).
Most of all, students enrolled in UA Online Academy are still our Upper Arlington Schools students, and we will support their learning and well-being. Online Academy teachers will proactively connect with students weekly to build relationships and community. School counselors will monitor and connect with the Online Academy students. Online Academy students may also still partipate in any athletics, extracurricular activites or clubs in accordance with all safety guidelines and protocols. And grab-and-go lunches from Nutritional Services will be available for UA Online Academy students to pick up.

Our Learning Platforms

Our main Online Academy elementary platform is Accelerate Education.  In addition to Accelerate Education, we will continue to supplement student learning with Dreambox, RazKids, and synchronous sessions with our K-5 students. 

At the secondary level (grades 6-12), the main Online Academy resource is Edgenuity. Since we offer so many courses at the secondary level, we are also providing some courses through Accelerate Learning, Apex, Acellus and Enhanced Distance Learning / Canvas. 

For a full list of Online Academy High School course offerings, please click here.

Secondary Online Academy Webinar

This session covers the following information about the secondary Online Academy:

  • Staffing

  • Courses

  • Content teachers and monitoring teachers

  • Attendance requirements and calculation

  • Grades

  • Parent access

  • Communication from the Online Academy

Transitioning to or from the UA Online Academy

The window for pathway change requests closed on Tuesday, February 23. Any requests received outside the window will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and we cannot guarantee that a request will be approved. Requests may be submitted to [email protected]. Please allow 3 to 5 days for processing.

Academic considerations - Online Academy (OA) 

If you are considering joining the Online Academy (OA) at this stage of the school year, please keep the following in mind.

  • The OA is monitored and supported by UA teachers. However, with a few exceptions at K-5, the OA provides support and review sessions, not live classes or instruction. 

  • Students may work ahead at their own pace, but they must maintain adequate progress. 

  • The OA staff will do everything possible to align the content pacing of entering students, but classwork and curriculum content will not match up directly between OA and the school-based pathway.

  • In K-5, we offer limited live class sessions, and parents take on a significant role as learning partners with their children. 

  • In grades 6-12:

    • Students work independently with support through office hours and communication with a teacher. 

    • Core subjects have a content teacher aligned to the subject. 

    • Electives have monitoring teachers who support students but may not have expertise in the content. 

    • Students will not be guaranteed the electives they had in the building. They will most likely need to replace their electives. 

Academic considerations - school-based pathway

If you are considering leaving the Online Academy (OA) for the school-based pathway (all-in learning beginning March 1), please keep the following in mind:

  • We will schedule what we can and prioritize kindergarten, first grade and seniors. 

  • We will not guarantee the placement of any requests at this late stage of the school year. 

  • Generally speaking, students in the OA have been able to work ahead, at their own pace. Content pacing will not be aligned for those students who return to the school based pathway. 

How to contact us

If you have questions about the UA Online Academy, please email [email protected].
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