Profile of an Engaged Learner

As part of a commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of the district, Upper Arlington Schools has unveiled its Profile of an Engaged Learner, an important focus of the whole learning priority in the 2019-2024 Strategic Plan. 

Developed with input from students and all teachers across the district and solidified by a districtwide work group of educators, the Profile of an Engaged Learner reflects our whole child philosophy, as well as our commitments to well-being and diversity, equity and inclusion, by articulating the skills and characteristics that we believe will prepare our students to serve, lead and succeed in Upper Arlington and beyond. 

This year, a working group of educators from across the district will be continuing their work on the profile and how teachers, administrators and other staff members can support these skills and characteristics. We will also be working with students from all levels — elementary, middle and high school — to capture their ideas for how they can develop these skills and characteristics during their time in Upper Arlington. 

Profile of an Engaged Learner graphic representation of the characteristics and attributes for our students


We are SOLUTION SEEKERS when we engage curiously with each other and the world by asking meaningful questions, synthesizing knowledge, thinking critically and considering diverse perspectives to generate actionable ideas.


We are CREATIVE when we take purposeful risks to build connections that allow us to innovate beyond what currently exists.


We are SKILLED COMMUNICATORS when we clearly, thoughtfully and ethically give language to our ideas, listen with the intent to understand, and connect respectfully with others.


We are OPEN-MINDED and EMPATHETIC when we listen with compassion, and seek to understand a range of perspectives different from our own and give space for all voices to be heard.


We are RESPONSIBLE and RESILIENT when we own our actions. We take pride in our work, accept challenges, and persevere through setbacks.


We are WELL-BALANCED when we make intentional decisions to recognize, prioritize and enjoy the academic, emotional, physical, and social aspects of our lives.

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