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District Map and Attendance Boundaries

Special Notes

1. Elementary School Contemporary/Informal Programs: Please note that Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School is a school of choice and does not have an attendance boundary as it offers the Informal Program to students living in the Greensview, Tremont and Windermere attendance areas. Barrington Elementary School offers both the informal and contemporary instruction models to students living in that attendance area.

2. Middle School Attendance: Students living in the Barrington and Tremont attendance areas attend Jones Middle School; students living in the Greensview or Windermere attendance areas attend Hastings Middle School.

3. Please note that the map and attendance boundaries are approximate. To confirm your address is in the Upper Arlington school district or to inquire about your attendance area, please call 614-487-5000.

1. Burbank Early Childhood School
4770 Burbank Drive
Phone: (614) 487-5155

2. Greensview Elementary School
4301 Greensview Drive
Phone: (614) 487-5050 x5500

3. Windermere Elementary School
4101 Windermere Road
Phone: (614) 487-5060 x7000

4. Hastings Middle School
1850 Hastings Lane
Phone: (614) 487-5100 x4000

5. Wickliffe Progressive School
2405 Wickliffe Road
Phone: (614) 487-5150 x6500  

6. Upper Arlington High School
1650 Ridgeview Road
Phone: (614) 487-5200 x2000

7. Tremont Elementary School
2900 Tremont Road
Phone: (614) 487-5170 x6000

8. Jones Middle School
2100 Arlington Avenue
Phone: (614) 487-5077 x3000

9. Barrington Elementary School
1780 Barrington Road
Phone: (614) 487-5180 x5000 

10. Board of Education Office
1950 North Mallway Drive
Phone: (614) 487-5000

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