Safety & Security

The safety of students and staff is a top priority in our school district.  Our staff works closely with the Upper Arlington Division of Police and the Upper Arlington Division of Fire to create safety plans that are continuously reviewed and updated.  We regularly practice safety drills and conduct safety-related discussions with students in a positive and age-appropriate manner.  

Upper Arlington Schools believes that open communication is a key element in maintaining safe learning environments.  To that end the district uses the Speak Up! reporting system to allow students, parents and any other concerned parties to file an anonymous report regarding potential safety or bullying issues.  Speak Up! links can be found in the student resources page or parent links page of each school website. 
Upper Arlington Schools also uses a parent notification system that can contact families via phone or email to provide regular updates or emergency messages.  

2019 School Safety Town Hall Meeting

Safety remains a top priority for our schools, and Upper Arlington Schools continuing the important conversation about school safety with staff, Upper Arlington safety officials, and the families and residents in the community.     

On April 24, Upper Arlington Schools hosted the second annual School Safety Town Hall Meeting, honoring a commitment made to the community last year. The meeting was an opportunity for families and residents to learn more and ask questions about the district's work to implement the safety recommendations approved by the Board of Education last summer. 
Available here are a full video of the meeting as well as the full presentation.

Safety Audit and Recommendations

June 2018

Superintendent Paul Imhoff shared the public results of a comprehensive safety audit and recommendations for safety-related policy changes during the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, June 12.  His recommendations included updates to safety training, student ID card systems, visitor protocols and a four-year phase-out of the open-lunch policy at Upper Arlington High School.

The Board of Education considered those recommendations for two weeks so that parents, students and community members could share their thoughts on the proposed changes. At the Wednesday, June 27 meeting, the Board of Education approved the safety-related policy changes stemming from a comprehensive safety audit they had requested in February.
The audit was conducted by Safeguard Risk Solutions in collaboration with the Upper Arlington Division of Police and the Upper Arlington Division of Fire.  

Speak Up! hotline

Parent Notification System

Upper Arlington Schools uses an automated information system to provide families with regular updates and emergency notifications via telephone and/or email.  
If you are having trouble receiving these updates or need to update your contact information, please contact us at:
[email protected]
(614) 487-5181

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